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Real estate marketing Australia wide is best done with the cost effective reach of web marketing. Your Australian real estate agency might be spending a fortune in web marketing via the big boy on the block but there is a cheaper alternative. What if your clients came DIRECTLY to your real estate agency site? With online real estate marketing,  property buyers and sellers should be able to find your real estate agency online, not the big boy's realestate dot you know, especially when when the search phrase includes your Australian city, town or suburb. For example when searching Google for "real estate agent perth" your site should show on page one.

The above photo is linked to example 360 real estate VR photospheres we produced for an international client. Contact us for your VR real estate photography @ $90 for a set of 20 VR photos + travel costs. See for cheap content marketeting production for your social media marketer will love.

Real Estate Marketing Australia

Above is an example VR video production by my 5yo daughter. If your computer, phone of tablet is good enough, you should see a circle in the top LHS and be able to spin the video around as it's playing to see my girl. When viewed with VR goggles and the "Cardbard" app on your phone, VR videos are immersive 3D.

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Quote from Perth real estate agent "Tom O'Rourke":
Interest rates are down. Rental prices are up and its a buyers market.

There are many web marketing options for real estate agents such as SEO,   Social Media Marketing for estate agents,   PPC, Content marketing of which Video marketing is effective at keeping traffic on your webpages and for social MEDIA marketing channels. Eg below of drone quadcopter aerial real estate fly-through by a family member who is a professional cinematographer in America:

Contact us for smooth real estate video production and real estate video marketing in Australia.

When is the last time you checked review marketing on for example your Google+ Business Page?
Eg see the good and bad reviews on our Google+ business page.

We give 15 minutes of free internet marketing consultation for real estate agents and 20 minutes for Australian real estate agent institutions / associations to help real estate agents understand these web marketing options.  Example of free promotion for real estate agents' websites and the properties they sell, manage, rent, buy.  Of the above internet marketing for real estate agent options we specialise in SEO for real estate agents Australia wide. Is your YouTube video clip showing up on search engines?  Are property investment video clips embedded in your webpages?

If you are a realtor in Australia and want the best web marketing australia  (Google that phrase to see if we've not 1st in the "organic" search results), for your real estate agency then telephone Ben during business hours in Perth or SMS your phone number.

Free Real Estate Marketing Australia, such as how to get your free agent pin on Google Maps and Google Earth map of Australia.

Site popularity is an independent KPI of 4 Web Marketing's work for real estate agents in Australia. How popular is your real estate agency online? Plug in your agency's URL into search box to find out. The smaller the number the better. Eg shows number 3.  If your URL shows "no data" it means it's lost in cyberspace beyond the world's 30 millionth most popular site because your real estate marketer isn't performing, so have your Australian real estate marketer contact us before your competitors overtake you.

Real Estate Marketing Problems FAQs

Q: What if my real estate agency is part of a franchise which is not permitted to advertise online outside of the real estate franchisor's web site?
A: Demand a change in your franchise contract or change to a real estate franchise which does permit your own site in addition to the franchor's site, or set-up and market your own realtor site via a friend or relative to promote your real estate agency with your own brand. Keep in mind the more your real estate agency invests in promoting your pages within the frachisor's site the more the franchor's site popularity improves and if you ever change to a different fanchise brand, all your previous investment will not benefit your new real estate agency brand.

Q: What if I'm a real estate agent in a real estate agency which does not permit me to advertise online outside of the licencee's website?
A: Change to a real estate agency which is happy for you to do well with or without the marketing support of your current real estate agency's site.

Q: What if my real estate agent's profile page on my boss's site has a "dirty URL" and is poorly SEO'd for my name (my name is my brand)?
A: Ask your real estate agency's online marketing manager to fix the problem or contact "4 Web Marketing" to talk with your real estate agency's marketing manager or webmaster.

Q: What do the tough do when the going gets tough?
A: The tough get going, so contact Ben Grummels now.


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