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Banner ad size design not only impacts on web designer time in perhaps resizing banners to fit with the design of the site but also on the display of banners on computers using banner ad blocking software which sometimes comes with pop-up blockers. Advantages of standard banner ad sizes are:

  • Banners fit with other banners on various sites with standard banner ad sizes.

  • No computer graphic design work is needed to resize standard banners.

The disadvantage of standard banner ad size is that banner ad blocking software, which is becoming more widely used, blocks banners by recognizing standard banner ad sizes.  Hence the proliferation of non-standard banner ad sizes.  Non-standard banner ad sizes are fine if the banners are only displayed on your own website.

Non-standard banner ad size
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Example banner ad slightly bigger than standard size to avoid detection by banner ad blocking software:
banner ad blocking
Standard Horizontal Banner Ad Sizes in pixels units of measurement:
standard banner add sizes in pixels
Standard Tower Ad Size and Standard Button Ad Sizes
standard tower ad sizes in pixels
Alternative PPC Banner Ad Fee System to Flat Rate Per Month or Per Year

non-standard button add size
non-standard button ad size, displays with banner ad blockers.

standard button ad size
Standard Micro button banner size.

animated half banner ad
Animated standard half banner ad size.

Pay for performance big banner ads. Your ad success is our motivation.


FLAT fee rate for standard sized banner ads on our popular websites.
banner ad sizes

We look forward to seeing your linked advertising banner or tower ad on one of our popular sites or any other site you nominate which is willing to display your banner ad. Banner ad design and banner ad placement fees are different issues.  Banner ad design depends on how much work is involved and the rate graphic designers charge. Banner ad placement, just as in print media advertising placement can depend on the popularity (=magazine circulation) of a webpage or how many impressions (displays) and or click throughs (times the ad is clicked). Some website managers might also charge more if your banner ad size, as measured in kilobytes (data size) is over for example 30kb, which if the banner ad is animated, can be large in data size.

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Above is a standard leaderboard banner ad size by Google.

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