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Asian hotel marketing is about revenue, not about how much you invest. Your hotel in Asia has an online marketing budget, even if you don’t think so. Commissions hotels pay in Asia to online travel agents are indirect marketing.  What OTAs spend in their web marketing to provide your bookings, you repay them in commissions, plus their margin.

Hotel marketing in Asia has an alternative to commissions hotels pay to OTAs. Investing in web marketing your own Asian hotel website:

  • reinforces your Asia hotel brand marketing, not the OTA's

  • you won't have to spend every year for each guest. When new and repeat guests book via your Asian hotel website, you're building loyalty. Guests know your site / your contact / booking information. You know their contact information.

The senario of diverting commissions of 10 rooms from OTAs to your your own hotel marketing in Asia:

hotel marketing budget

OTAs sell your rooms @ $100 per night taking $20 commission.
Your hotel booking engine only takes $4, saving you $16. If you sold these 10 rooms directly from your own hotel site you'd save $16 per room per day. To ensure guests book directly via your site, discount rooms $1.

$15 x 10 rooms x 365 days of the year. Your marketing budget ploughed back into your own site's web marketing for brand marketing and loyalty is  $46,500 pa.

Hotel web marketing for hotel's in Asia includes consultation and or hands on web marketing of hotels.

Map of AsiaOnline south east Asian hotel marketing strategy consultations with South East Asian hotel marketing managers and hotel revenue managers can be by phone or in person with travel from our Australian or South East Asian offices based at the new headquarters of ASEAN at Nong Khai Thailand where the star is on the map of Asia above which shows where traffic to 4 Web Marketing's site comes from in Asia. Fly in/out via Thailand's Udon Thani or Laos's Wattay international airports.

South East Asian Hotel Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO marketing of your Asian hotel website

  • Social media marketing (SMO) for hotels in South East Asia. Let "4 Web Marketing" manage your South East Asian hotel's social media marketing.

  • Set-up pay per click marketing for Asian hotels including landing pages which reduce your cost per click. There are only two scenarios when people search for your hotel by name:

    1. You are showing a PPC ad for your hotel along the lines of “Official Site, Book Direct, More info.” You get the click and convert them on your hotel site.

    2. OTAs and resellers have no competition from you (YAHOO!) for their ads offering “Best Rate Guaranteed, No Cancellation Fee, More info!” OTA get the click and sells your room, making 15-20% commission, some of which they invest in more targeting of your hotel brand name.

  • Google Places consultation for better hotel marketing on Google Maps of Asia and Google Earth. eg: Getting your content such as hotel photos and hotel video marketing on your Google Places pin. Placement of default or your hotel's unique Google Places pin on (over 1 million views per year) or
    Google Places hotel marketing South East Asia

  • Link building for Asian hotel websites.

  • Video production for hotels in Asia including quadcopter drone fly-throughs. Get our professional American videographer while he's in South East Asia till end of January 2015. Below is a sample of his aerial videos:

    Cheaper than you think. A two day stay/famtour will give time to capture the best features of your Asian hotel. In content marketing, "Content is king". Embed aerial video fly-throughs on your hotel video marketing page. In the hands of your hotel's social MEDIA marketer's job of creating buzz marketing for your hotel, aerial video marketing of Asian hotels is AWESOME marketing. If your hotel in Asia is not a luxury hotel, more of showing off the environment attractions it is set in is an option.

  • Video SEO / Video marketing for page one on YouTube. Example below:

    Online Video Hotel Marketing
    South East Asian hotel marketing

  • Publishing your banner ads and video broadcast (netcast) marketing on POPULAR hotel accommodation websites. We can act as media buyers for your online hotel marketing campaigns.

  • Advertorial on popular web pages. For example: Check to see if your South East Asian location is there. If it isn't please contact us.

  • PPC Marketing.  Let "4 Web Marketing" manage pay per click marketing for your chain of South East Asian hotels.

  • Marketing discounts apply for not-for-profit organisations in South East Asia such as hotel associations in South East Asia.  Free hotel CSR media releases via our Corporate Social Responsibility Google Plus page for hotel PR managers.

    South East Asian Hotel Marketing Client Example Cost / Benefit

    Hotel web marketing consultation services for the luxury 5 star Kuta beachfront hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza Kuta Beach Bali.

    • Web marketing consultation for their Asian hotel marketing managers and other hotel executives.

    • Banner ad on my Google winning page for "accommodation kuta beach bali"

    • keyword rich domain name which redirects for good web marketing for this hotel.

    • Promotion on Google+ Bali page

    • Image Search Optimisation (ISO) Hotel photos on Panoramio. All those marked with Panoramio marketing also show on Google Earth and Google map view.

    • Free linked pin on

    What this luxury 5 star beachfront south east Asian hotel did for the manager of 4 Web Marketing:  Provided hotel accommodation and restaurant meals for 8 days for 2 people.

South East Asian Hotel Marketing Results

Page one of search engines for various phrases. Our "organic" SERP winning examples:
marketing hotels online in South East Asia

Online Hotel Marketing South East Asia

Web marketing example results for hotel marketing South East Asia:

4 Web Marketing's "organic" SERP" winners are in the Google Flash Hotel Marketing slideshow directly below:

hotel marketing ASEN
Hotel Marketing Bangkok

Hotel Marketing South East Asia

Hotel Marketing Managers in South East Asia are welcome to place discount pay per click advertising on this web page about hotel marketing in South East Asia.

Contact 4 Web Marketing with your incentive for marketing your hotel in South East Asia?  If you want personal consultation for your hotel marketing staff and executives, think about working with an airline to get me to your hotel.  Airlines have a lot to benefit with South East Asian travel destination marketing.4 Web Marketing with your incentive for marketing your hotel in South East Asia?  If you want personal consultation for your hotel marketing staff and executives, think about working with an airline to get me to your hotel.  Airlines have a lot to benefit with South East Asian travel destination marketing.

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