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The best analogy of a link exchange is a stock exchange. Traders don't keep their share certificates there. Traders go to the stock exchange to see information (profiles) about what there is to trade and to conduct trades. The link exchange I use is based in the USA. Just like the NY Stock Exchange is. I can find information and trade (swap) links. Offcourse like any analyst I diligently research every trade request from other traders who see your profile which I maintain at the exchange. If I keep it there, I have to deal with it: That is check if they meet my strict criteria of a good trade which is mentioned on my Link Exchange Programme page. Putting it another way. I'm am like your stock analyst and  stock broker in Perth except I analyse and trade links for you.

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I've hidden your profile from the exchange for now so that I won't be lumbered with new requests. It does not mean link exchange work I've already done (arranging links from other sites to your website) will just disappear. Continued investment in link exchanging will avoid "scope creep" (work beyond the scope of the project) and keep me on going with link exchanging work for you.

Subject: Hi from Rick

Hi Ben

Please explain what you mean by letting the exchange know if we want to continue with our profile or stop at 88 links.

Do we need to add their links to our website?
I've done that.



Hi Erin,
I think you'll agree the wait was worth it. I've got 88 sites linking to you which is nearly 3 times, @ next-door neighbour rates, as ordered.
I need to let the exchange know if you want to continue with your profile there or stop at 88 links. If you want to discontinue or continue with another 30 quality links @ A$330 please advise, either personally or via my Link Exchange Programme form or by snail mail within a few days.

While you are still 1st at Google etc for the phrase "bed and breakfast perth", the more quality links, the better each word/phrase in your site, performs in search engines (with the exception of the ones which are already first) NB: There is a time lag of months between web changes and search engine results.

Ben Grummels

Hotel Marketing Thailand KL Singapore Bali Perth time +8 GMT

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