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SEO Costs

Search engine positioning, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation are certainly buzzwords of the day, with companies finally realizing the importance of getting top search engine placement for their websites.

But how much do search engine positioners make? Is it a lucrative business? What is the demand for professional positioners?

Not only that, but how much should professional positioners charge for optimising a website? What kind of web marketing guarantees should they offer, if any?


What is the typical fee structure for search engine positioning firms? Actually, there isn't a typical fee structure, since charges can range from a couple of hundred dollars to over $50,000 to position a site.

Keep in mind, though, that some positioning packages include:
 * purchasing additional domains
 * hosting pages on their own server
 * using cloaking strategies (not recommended)
 * creating numerous doorway pages,.opps that's a dirty word according to Google, let's call them landing pages or gateway pages or information pages
 * offering continued maintenance; and so forth,
where other positioning packages only offer to make a few doorway pages and slap them up, not even worrying about the ranking.

Not only that, but some experienced positioners do nothing more than offer search engine marketing consultation services. Yet, because of their expertise and reputation, they can charge $250 to $500 an hour. Is it worth it? If a couple of hours of consulting services can increase traffic to your site, it's worth every penny of those impressive hourly charges. Let's face it: it's certainly cheaper than most advertising campaigns.

What might you pay for positioning services? As you can see, the prices run from pocket change to a considerable outlay of cash.

* $1000 for a 6-month program
* $75-$100 set-up fee per keyword, which means maybe 5-8
pages for $75-$100 each

* Price varies depending upon the complexity or simplicity of the site. For example, is this a consultation only job, or will 4 Web Marketing get involved in making the HTML design changes if a completely new design is required?

Are search engine positioning charges realistic?

Because of the amount of time and expertise it takes to position a website in the rankings, and because of the amount of energy it takes to keep up with the changes in the industry, search engine positioning services are expensive, as well they should be. 4 Web Marketing has been in the industry since 1992. ie near the birth of the internet in Australia.

You can't sit down and position a site in a matter of minutes. It takes hours and hours. Then, you wait for weeks to see the fruits of your labour, and then spend more hours tweaking the site. In the middle of this, the engine changes its algorithm, and you have to start all over.

What about guaranteeing results? Until the engines guarantee not to change their algorithms (software which sets results criteria), we will never guarantee either.

Many positioning firms require their clients to sign forms that state that there are no guarantees in the search engine business, because this keeps misunderstandings down from the onset of the working relationship.

After all, how can you guarantee results when there are so many factors involved?

Obtaining high rankings is analogous to predicting the weather. You can look at the clouds, you can check humidity, you can watch wind patterns, etc. These are absolutely necessary to do in order to have any idea about the weather, but you still can't say for sure that it will in fact rain etc.  4 Web Marketing could have fantastic results and be right on the money, or it can rain on me. Doing what 4 Web Marketing does is a necessity to have a decent chance at obtaining search positions, but we cannot promise how the rankings will perform. 4 Web Marketing WILL
 * SEO tweak your web pages
 * Guarantee significantly improved site popularity
 * submissions
 * link exchange programme
 * Provide detailed tabular and graphical reports about the findability work for you we have done.
 * Send you victory notices when the search engine list you. Be prepared to wait. Some take up to 90 days.

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