Thank you for investing in the Link Exchange Program Your credit card statement will show a charge from

  • One off US$300 for your profile set-up on an international link exchange
  • US$100 once every year ongoing (until you advise us to stop your banner ads) This US$100 pa fee is for:
    • Checking your webmaster is maintaining you valid links page on your website.
    • Email warning you if your webmaster / webdesigner has either:
      • removed your links page we create for you.
      • if your webmaster is responsible, rather than us, for uploading your links page but fails to up-date revised new links page we build.
    • Checking other webmasters are maintaining links to your site and if they are not
      • Replacing lost links from other sites to ensure you have at least 30 quality links TO your website.

If you don't receive an email within 5 working days containing the first batch of sites agreeing to link to you, please email


Phone Ben on

It is important that you add the links I send you to your links page ASAP otherwise the reciprical link exchanger might cancel their link to your site.

What is / will be the address of your links page? If you don't have one yet we recommend creation of this sort of URL
Email address to send link pages to to about every month.
Nearest City
 Asia / Oceania
What type of business/s do you want us to reject link exchanging with?
Brief link exchange message eg
We will cull links from similar businesses to yours in the same country as you unless they are twice or more as popular than your site.


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