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If you're an Australian computer graphic designer in Perth and want your website optimised for top search engine position, call Ben Perth Time for your free, no obligation consultation about how we can get your graphic designs in front of the eyeballs of millions of people, 24/7/360 looking for graphic design.

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bobart.jpg (15188 bytes) This image was hand painted by Ben Grummels in Robert Juniper's Perth fine arts class at Guildford Grammar in 1967 and scanned 35 years later.  Not only was Bob an inspirational teacher but a close friend of our family who lived near by.

Hover Buttons

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Brand Marketing


White halo behind red creeper font. jpg

We successfully Australian Trade Marked this logo for a large mining client:


made in WA logoWestern Australian birthmark logo design by Parkes Advertising

Embossed ITC Veljovic font,
flat bevelled. Any text any size

Blue plastic Arial Black font

4 image slices used to create this rollover button.
Rollovers use scripts replace original image with another in either the same or different position

Surfer icon, coloured,

logo design perth
Graphic Design Perth
Purple Circle logo  30 min

Arial Black font Cast shadow (faster loading than drop shadow) 12min

Arial Black font, Metallic edge Drop shadow.

Animated gif

graphic design perth australia

Computer graphics image morphing with Photoshop 868 kb .ppt Excellent Graphic Design.

Ghost high light drop shadow

Creeper font, red extrusion, animated gif
Graphic designer Perth Flash Design example Blue Creeper font, yellow bevel, drop shadow.
Perth business card design

Most static banner graphics designs are under Aust$100

ALL GRAPHICS ABOVE LOAD < A MINUTE @ 56Kbps By Reducing Graphic Quality

Rotating Linked Banner Ads

Free DHTML scripts provided by
Dynamic Drive

Phone Ben if the banner graphicart style you are looking for is here.

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