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  1. Brain storm with your associates and web designer in Perth what you want to tell the world with your website.

  2. Flowchart of your web site

  3. Get the FREE essential Good Keywords Report BEFORE domain name registration

  4. Let us know the address of your favourite web address for us to emulate.

  5. Website design in Perth for the world.

  6. Optimisation of web pages designed in Perth for www search engines.

  7. Uploading, after your approval, of draft web page designs, live to the www from our Perth office

  8. Submission to Search Engines of your web pages including web address.

  9. Opt-in Email Marketing of your find-able Perth built website to the world.

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Once your US$150 find-able web page design is OK'd by you, it can be used as a template by your web designer Perth for inexpensive web page design of additional web pages, which depending on the work involved, usually cost about US$45 each web page. Your fast loading web pages are woven into a website at our Perth office with many features but most importantly your web pages are optimized for search engines for top position ranking by the search engines. (You found this web page with a search engine, right?) There are many web page design styles. We can emulate your favourite web page design or you can select from our Web page design templates below:

1 column Web Page Design Perth

2 Big Pic Web Page Design Perth

3 Purple Tab Top Web Page Design Perth

4. Tables Filleted Web Page Design Perth

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6 Curved Bubbles Web Page Design Perth

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Because WebWeavers web designer Perth is a subsidiary of 4 Web Marketing, your pages will not only load fast look good and have a choice of good navigation systems, but will also rank well with search engines.  That's right, you get web design and search engine optimization, all for the price of one.

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  your web page text If your website content is not in digital format, snail mail your text and photographs. Excessive typing and scanning is an additional cost.
pictures (email to me 3 or 4 images, < 96 dpi, jpg for photos, gif for animations, transparency, or simple colours such as logos with < 64 colours.)
Logo design or email your existing logo as a "gif" format attachment
animated 3D logo design
contact information including an email link

(buttons, backgrounds, maps, navigation, boarders, coloured margins   etc.)

music (email to me a midi or very short mp3)
link to your organization type chat room.
link to your organization type forum (bulletin board)
link to your organization type guest book.
copy of your web site backed up onto disk and snail mailed to you.

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