There are 5 ways to get on page one of the Google search engine:

  1. Pay using Google Adwords. It's a form of Pay Per Click marketing. PPC with search engines is termed "Search Engine Marketing" SEM. Not to be confused with SEO. Google's brand name for SEM was Adwords. In 2018 Google changed its brand from Adwords to Google Ads. SEM is expensive but is a good digital marketing option for a short term even. For example it's No use in investing in other digital marketing options listed below for say promotion of a weekend rock concert that only happens once in a life time.
    Only 15% of people click on Google Ads because they are not as reliable/relateable to the search term as the organic results (under Google Business Profiles). So why does Google not just fill up all the SERPs with paid ads? Answer: Google has to produce reliable search results otherwise people would switch to a more reliable search engine.

  2. Google maps (The red dots come from Google Business Profile.

  3. Google Business Profile formerly GMB which in Google SERPs usually appears immediately under the Google maps and also on the RHS of search results.

  4. Organic SERP. My area of expert SEO specialty in Perth Australia.

  5. Google rich snippets.
    Google+ rich snippet

Google not only presents oportunities via search results but in many other ways.  Get information about the new Google Business Places, apps and some examples of how to use Google's web apps.

Summary List of Google Web Marketing Tools

Many of Google's web marketing tools are free.

  1. "Organic" SERP (search engine results page) winners with best practise SEO. This is usually not free but there are plenty of free SEO tips online.
  2. "Google Business Places" connects you directly with customers,Google My Places logo plus Google+ whether they're looking for you on Search, or Maps, Google Business Places combines and replace, all in one place, many of the following:
    1. Google Places marketing.
    2. Google Places for Business listing show near the top of Google SERPs
    3. Google+ Local pages connect with business’s physical location. For example, local pages include a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation.
    4. Includes review marketing.
    5. Google Maps. Get us to show you how to:
      1. create your own Google maps
      2. create linked pins with embedded photos and or videos etc on your own layer of Google maps
      3. How to SEO your Google map. Our gets about one million views per year.
      4. If you're a digital marketing client of 4 Web Marketing apply online here for your free linked pin on our popular Google maps which have had millions of views.
  3. Google's Social Media
    1. Google video marketing via YouTube
    2. Google's Blogger
  4. Google Translator instantly translates your web pages to the language of the user. The most widely spoken language is English but most peoples of the world don't speak English. More people speak Chinese languages, Hindu and Spanish than English. This is an essential free web marketing tool which our web developers can plug into your web page after you provide login info, $100 set-up cost, where on your page (near top is good) and $20 per page.
  5. Google's pay per click (PPC) marketing. Its brand name is Adwords which uses the term cost per click (CPC). It's classic Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The more relevant your landing page, done with good SEO, the cheaper your CPC. Check the market rate your competitors' are currently paying with Google's Traffic Estimator.
  6. ISO - "Image Search Optimisation". Contact us now to get your images found on Google's images search.
  7. Google Anaylitics can be uses to see the results of A/B alternate web marketing testing of different versions of landing pages by SEO and sales funnel psychology.
  8. Traffic Estimator is one of the best free web marketing analytical tools from Google. It shows how much money your competitors are currently bidding per click via Google's Adwords. I don't want to give you the link because Google change it now and then. Simply Google "traffic estimator". It'll be the top listing on page one. Google is so dominent in the PPC space that it represents the market PPC rate. Click example chart/table:
    Traffic EstimatorTraffic Estimator CPC Insurance
  9. Google+ profile photoGoogle Web Master Tools can be used to claim ownership of websites. Have you ever seen an image like this  in Google search results? If you're not sure how to claim authorship, contact "4 Web Marketing" to find out how. Tip: you'll be seen as an authority (influencer) if you get a lot of followers and a lot of people +1 (like for you FaceBook users) your content.  Please follow me --->
  10. Google Page Speed reports how long it takes to load your web page. Page load speed is an SEO factor but also consider lost clients who couldn't wait to see the sales pitch on your web page.
  11. The flip side of Adwords is Google's Adsense. Advertisers pay Google which share a bit with publisher. Google acts as a "media buyer". Let us show you how to be a partner / affiliate marketer like my wife (yes we're into income splitting) getting monthly online payments, into her Australian bank account from Google, from things like people watching my amature Youtube videos and Google ads.
  12. There are many Google aps from the Chrome store which can be used for web marketing and analysis. Here are some:
    1. Chrome web browser
    2. Amazon's Alexa site popularity ranking Chrome plugin
    3. Gmail used right and I don't mean sending out spam
    4. Event marketing using the "Google Calendar"
    5. etc
  13. Adding a search box like this helps people find your information / sales pitch on websites you tell Google you want searched. The small fee is worth keeping your online visitors in your sphere of influence.

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"SEO Social Media Marketing (SMO) SEM are popular web marketing strategies for websites lost in Cyberspace. Other types of web marketing include Google Places marketing and video marketing"

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