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Affiliation Program for our Web Marketing Partners

I have 5 web marketing businesses based in Perth Australia for which I'm prepared to pay generous commissions to affilate marketers who help me:

  • Get new clients

  • Help form joint ventures

Affiliate marketers in Australia don't need to think about our business 24/7 nor do that have to stay in a fixed place.  With affilate marketing you have the flexibility of working when you like, where you like. The 4 businesses I need affliate marketers for are:

  1. Online Publishing Business

    1. I have hundres of popular websites which are a real help traffic driving help to existing clients but they need motivated sales professions to explain the significant benefits, including massive advertising savings to clients.

    2. UNDERSTAND that online publishing is just like print publishing except that we are publishing to an electronic screen via the web. Information shows on a screen instead of paper.  Think of your affiliate role as VERY similar to that of the sales manager of a newspaper but instead of getting clients to advertise in print, their ads are published online. Online gives our clients more and better pre-self-qualified customers. Also online ad publishing campaigns come with accurate statistics.


      1. 4 Web Marketing wants 25% of the market cost per click (CPC) rate. Australian affiliate marketers then have 75% to play with.  For example by searching Google's "Traffic Estimator" you can determin the market CPC rate for any phrase.  Tell your client "this is the market rate your competitors ARE CURRENTLY paying."  Example: If the market rate for a phrase is 50c  then for a minimum of $400 we can deliver 800 visitors to our clients sales information and you the affilate marketer have got 75% to split how you like with the client you introduced. "4 Web Marketing" gets 12.6 cents.  You might choose to entice the client with say 25% discount off the market rate and with other incentives. In this case the client saves 25%, you the affiliate gets 50% and 4 Web Marketing is happy with its 25%.  The minimum CPC rate we should be working for is 20 cents per click of which "4 Web Marketing" would get 5 cents per click. The CPC for "chinese restaurant west perth" might be 10c per click but unless "4 Web Marketing" is getting a minimum of 5c per click, we're not setting up online publication of their ads, tracking stats and invoicing. The volume will be small and the earn per click small too.

      2. You can collect all of the online ad prepayment and give "4 Web Marketing":

        1. 25%

        2. URL of client's web page they want their ad linked to

        3. The ad graphic design as a jpg file or gif file format.  If the client does not have a 470 x 61 pixel sized ad, you can charge the client for the one off design for the ad or 4 Web Marketing can design the client's banner ad free of charge.

        4. The URL of the pages "4 Web Marketing" publish, where the client wants their ad.  List of Websites 4 Web Marketing own or can build.  The rate at which people click our client's ads, depend on: how popular the page their ad is on, the placement of their ad - eg top bottom - above the fold, relevance of ad to page, the appeal of the ad, etc.

      3. If you the affilate have a previous expertise such as "financial services" "real estate" "hotel marketing" then you might want to start as an affilaiate within that industry.

      4. When there are so many online directories and publications why advertise with us, is the challenge from business descision makers who have been bombarded with offers to advertise their goods/services online.  Answer:  Because ours are popular being on page one of search engine result pages (SERPs)  It does not matter how cheap or glossy competing online publications are, if they are not popular then it's a waste of marketing effort to advertise on them.

  2. Web Marketing Business

    1. I'm a hired web marketing expert to make websites popular with customers searching for what my clients sell. You the affiliate marketer get 25% what you bring in. Example: On an $8,000 web marketing plan you get $2,000

  3. Social Marketing

    1. Social media marketing consulting.

    2. Social media marketing mangement. We post your clients' media, pitch and links. Especially good for reaching out to Perth Western Australia.

  4. Premium domain name sales Australia

    1. ...wide and leasing of these generic (not brand) domain name. Eg:  not  "Accor"
      You the affiliate marketer gets 25% of any domain name deal you broker.  For example "4 Web Marketing" sold for $3,000  If you had of introduced the buyer of this keyword rich domain name (generic) then you would have got $750.  We own 730 domain names so that's a lot of domain name sales commissions to get.

  5. Trade Mark Registration Australia

    1. For a typical Australian Trademark Registration filing job, "4 Web Marketing" want $800 or $750 from afiliates. That is a lot cheaper than others such as IP lawyers who file Trade Mark Registrations in Australia. You the affiliate can mark it up what you want.

I recommend the online publishing business.  It is easy to identify soft targets, ie those businesses which are paying 100% of the CPC rate via the American middleman Google, to advertise one line, black & white text ads in space I rent to Google (Adsense)  The pitch to them is if you deal direct with us compare the benefits:

CPC comparison

Google the American middleman media buyer

Deal direct with 4 Web Marketing


Expensive CPC

HUGE discount off Google’s CPC rate.  Please compare the CPC you’re paying Google.

Ad Size


4 times bigger







Commission free leads emailed to you. (accom pubs)



Free targeted promotion


Yes on our  Accommodation Forum

Helping a local business with local corporate social responsibility



New affiliate marketers will get 3 hours of free training.  The more affilates support us, the more we will support affiliates.  For example we encouraged our affiliate "Perth Online Marketing" to set-up their own business and website.  "4 Web Marketing" supplied hours of mentoring and "i-framed" a number of our winning search engine result pages (SERP) to show, (like as a big window on our page shows) pages of "Perth Online Marketing"  Example: The "organic" SERP winner for "advertising agency australia"   Affilates who drop the ball will have reductions in affiliate marketing support from us.  Our online assets are given for those affiliate marketers who help themselves, help their clients and help us.

If you have questions about being an affiliate web marketer then please don't hesitate to phone 4 Web Marketing's affilates manager in Australia.

If you're a professional in Perth Australia..
.. telephone Ben of 4 Web Marketing for a mutually beneficial discussion with the current WORLD'S best internet marketer.
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