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Our Australian media buyers specialise in online media buying Australia wide 4 web marketing online advertising:

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Getting to a Media Buyer in Australia

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Media Formats

We can buy media space for a number of formats for placement on popular / niche sites including:

The Right Media Buying Australia

Help us help you with selection of APPROPRIATE online media buying Australia wide.  It's no use buying space on a new cars website if you're selling underwear.

We are an experienced media buyer with a popular site owned by THE world's most popular website.

  • Alert Internet users about your business or services

  • Raise brand and product awareness

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website

  • Increase product / service sales

Our media buyers provide access to a powerful advertising medium for both brand awareness and direct marketing campaigns.

Wanting Contextual Advertising on YOUR Website? ,

When a banner ad is displayed on a page we call this an "Impression". When a banner is clicked-on we call this a "click-through". These are standard terms used in the Internet advertising industry.  No use buying media if no one get to see it or interact with it.

Increasingly, the web is the media of choice to find information about products and services and therefore online media buyers Australia wide are working harder to convince webmasters to hand over precious webpage real estate for a fee. Make sure you make your presence felt with your linked banner ad on an appropriate website..

We look forward to advertising agencies using 4 Web Marketing as their media buyer in Australia and seeing your linked advertising banner on one of our sites or any other site that you nominate and that is willing to display your banner ad.

Media Buying Rates

Flat rate per year, month, etc are usually charged by useless online directories. They get your investment for a great designed ad whether people see it or usually not.

Just as in print media, online media buyer rates depend on:

  • Size of the ad (linear measurement and file size)

  • Circulation (=popularity) of publication.

  • Which page, front / back.

  • Where on the page, top / bottom.

  • How long (seconds) your ad displays

  • Nature of the ad / Relevance.

  • Bulk buying, packaging with other services.

Popular online Australia directories usually charge on a pay per click basis.

Media buying on Popular Australian websites
Copy paste your URL to the top of to find the popularity ranking of your website.

Media buyers Australia wide have a variety of fees. Our PPC is 75% off the PPC rate popular search engines charge. What's the rate? You login to find how many dollars you pay for how many clicks to calculate your PPC rate. You tell us and we will invoice you for PRE-payment of a minimum of $400.  Example if the PPC rate is 50 cents,  $400 will deliver to you 800 clicks

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