Australian Political Campaign Marketing

Site Popularity of Australian Political Parties in 2023

Data source: Alexa.  Y-axis is the reciprocal of Australian political party website popularity ranking.

Political campaign marketing in Australia, for 2022 Australian Federal elections and Western Australian 2021 elections, has moved even more online than previous campaigns. With Scomo being an ex tourism marketing man we the Liberal Party maked the most of their smaller political campaign marketing budget than the union funded Labor Party.


At the time of writing the 2023 NSW political campaign was shaping up to be hotly contested. If you're running for politacal office in NSW in 2023 or if you have the job of political campaign manager/advisor, feel welcome to contact me by phone for some free online digital political campaign marketing advice. Even offline marketing I can tell you wearing a NAZI uniform is not a good look for any NSW 2023 political candidate. You'll need an unblemished past and a good digital political marKeting campaign to win in the 2023 NSW elections.

There are plenty of polls showing preferred prime minister, popular political parties etc. The poll chart above shows how popular political party and government websites are in Australia.

We offer Australia's best digital marketing services as part of any Australian political candidates' marketing mix. Let us demonstrate how our political web marketing campaign will be more targeted for your electorate, especially in important marginal electorates. Cambridge Analytica's targeting of marinal electorates swung the results in America.

Digital political campaign marketing is better value compared to any other media.  If you are a political campaign manager and want successful Australian political campaign marketing strategies to drive your precious marketing budget further, with more Australian voters seeing your party's political brand and ideas, then contact soon, SEO expert, Ben Grummels via our online form. 50% discounts are available of not-for-profit organisations making my services very affordable for any part or local Australian government. As professionals we apply political marketing campaigns for Australian candidates.

Online political campaign marketing in the previous US Presidential elections made a huge difference to the political fortunes of Presidential candidates. We're not saying stop kissing babies and door knocking constituents but get with cost effective modern web marketing methods by including web marketing strategies in the mix of all political advertising.

Successful web marketing strategies for Australian politicians include:

  1. SEO to make your site popular not only with people who search politicians' name/brand but generic phrases such as "political candidate your electorate 2022" should be easy to get on top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing = Pay Per Click PPC marketing with search engines of which Google Adwords, now called Google Ads is the most famous PPC brand). For $900 we'll set-up and manage your Adwords campaign for 3 months before the 2022 political campaign marketing season.

  3. Social media marketing. For example:

    1. Twitter

    2. Facebook campaign customised to reach suburbs in your electorate.

    3. Google:

      1. GMB, now renamed as Google Business Profile.

      2. YouTube video marketing. Want to run you TV ads online too? Talk with us about launching your political TV advertising from popular Australian websites.

      3. Map marketing in your electoral area.

      4. Review marketing.

    4. Linkedin

    5. Instagram

    6. Bookmarking sites

    7. etc.

  4. Advertorials and free political messages on a POPULAR Australian website.

If you are a political campaign marketing manager or political campaign strategy manager in Australia, please see our marketing media cost benefit comparison before allocating your Political marketing budget for the 2022 Federal election campaign begins. Also please see web marketing time line to understand that if you want search engine position in the "organic search results", you need to plan your political election campaign marketing months ahead.

Our edits of Wikipedia are aboveboard and have been approved.

If you think having a website designed (only) means an effective web based political marketing campaign, think again. Just because you've spent thousands of Australian dollars on your online political marketing campaign, it does not me that is effective.  We offer candidates for the 2019 Australian Federal Elections a free site popularity    report for their web site similar to the example above with competitor analysis showing the popularity of opponent websites.

Want your political campaign marketing to reach Australian overseas? The web via search engines is the way to go.

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