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  1. Better SERP Listings: Domain names containing keywords are MUCH more likely to gain top of SERPs (search engine results pages). If you want traffic from search engines, make sure your domain includes your important keywords.

  2. Domain Name Investment: A Premium Domain name is a investment that a business can lease or resell for a profit.  Eg: was bought for at a guess @ $20 and was later sold by a former tax payer funded public servant back to us tax payers for $200,001  If only the idiots who wrote up public service contracts had of stated that IP such as trademarks and domain names bought while a public servant will be confiscated by the state.

  3. Easier to Remember: Catchy domain names keep visitors coming back to your site.

4. Better Brand Marketing: Generic domain names convey prestige and credibility. SEO strategies include buying and pointing multiple Premium Domains to brand names. Eg, Bank of America points its  Intel points it's  Are there any Australian banks which would like to use my

5. Niche Marketing: Different domain names appeal to different groups.  Eg: a B2B sites do best with a descriptive domain name that highlights the type of products sold and where sold in an eCommerce store.  A mass market B2C site will do better with a catchy, brandable domain name.  Our has a little bit of brand at the start but most of the rest helps it to 1st of SERPs for "web marketing australia"  "web marketing india" while the word "marketing" helps us for all sorts of phrases such as "hotel marketing" etc.

6. Still not convinced why keyword rich domain names are valuable? See what other have written:

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