Your Australian trade mark application has been accepted for Registration. The earliest that a trade mark can be registered is seven and a half months after an application has been filed. This fulfils the international obligations to allow six months for applicants to claim a priority filing date based on an earlier overseas filing date.

As a consequence, your trade mark will be advertised as accepted in the Official Journal (now online) at about four months from the filing date of your Australian Trade Mark application. At that stage, it will be open for other people to file opposition to your application.


Then you must pay within 6 months. Advertisment starts the 3 month opposition period. If you pay the Australian trade mark post application  (post filing) fee of US$450 per category and no-one objects within this time period or seeks an extension of time your trade mark in Australia will automatically be registered when the period expires.

For further information about the contents of this Australian Trade Mark acceptance notice, please contact your Australian trade mark agent's service.

Australian trade mark acceptance notice

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