trade mark registration Australia"Australian Trade Mark APPLICATION"

Most people do not yet understand the value of keyword rich domain names so trust me for now to know this sort of IP ownership is:

  • As important as Australian Trade Mark ownership.
  • Best compatible with your Australian Trade Mark application. For example it's unwise to submit a Trade Mark Application for "Hot JobZ" when your domain name is "" (Also for search engine reasons it is unwise to have a domain name such as )
  • Unlike unsuccessful Australian Trade Mark applications, domain names CAN include place names. Eg or
  • Supporting evidence to strengthen your Australian Trade Mark application.
  • Invaluable at future proofing your successful web marketing strategies.

  Australian Trade Mark Application Includes:

  • Introductory consultation
  • Lodging your Australian Trade Mark APPLICATION to the Australian government's registration authority.
  • Australian Trade Mark Search and if already registered a report of in which categories.
  • Forwarding confirmation of successful Australian Trade Mark registration application
  • Forwarding Australian TM approval by snail mail and other notices such as objection period notices and Australian Trade Mark registration objections if they arise.


Australian Trade Mark APPLICATION Plan

Australian Trade Mark search, report and LODGEMENT. This does NOT include Australian Trademark REGISTRATION fee of US$342 for which you will be invoiced 6 months later if your application is approved by the Australian Government's trade marks office.

EXTRAS including  domain name registration


Up front

Trade Mark

 $342 later


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