Use our office postal address in Australia for international Australian Trade Mark clients doing DIY Australian Trade Mark application filing themselves. This address service is required because the official Australian Trade Marks office only sends correspondence/notices by snail mail, to only an Australian addresses.

Our Australian office staff will for you:

  1. Collect mail from our secure "Australia Post" post office box.
  2. Scan correspondence from the Australian government's trade marks office addressed to you.
  3. Forward Australian TM correspondence including renewal in ten years time, if we are still alive. It is important that your record your Australian Trade Mark renewal date ten years from now, to remind yourself of renewal.
  4. Forward Australian trade mark certificates to you by air mail. You file the Australian trade mark application.


Telephone number office Interlectual Property Australia

Australian Office Physical Address:

4 Karrinyup Road
Trigg (a suburb of Perth)
Western Australia 6029

Postal Address. If you are an international trade mark applicant, use this address. We have had this Perth Australia address for over 12 years.  Use this Australian address AFTER you've paid for this service which includes forwarding of your Australian trade mark certificate byAustralia Post Office Scarborough ordinary air mail.

Ben Grummels
Office Manager
Australian Trade Mark Office
 (this is not the official Australian government's Trade Mark Office address)
POB 334
Scarborough Beach Perth
Western Australia 6922

Use of our office address for Australian trade mark registration costs is $15 per year. ie $150 for ten years.

Contact telephone Ben Grummels if you would like our agency to represent your business in Australia or to recommend/find an agency for you. Thai businesses can speak with and use Suree Sribuathet for representation of businesses from Thailand in Australia.

11am to 10pm Eastern Australian Time (EST)
Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo 8am - 6pm Perth time (+8 GMT)

Email: Australian Trade Mark Registration Service

Many American, European, Chinese and other international companies use our trade marks office address for service of Australian trade mark registration papers such as trade mark certificates because an Australian address is a requirement of Australian trade mark registration. Use of our Australian address is included free with our trade mark services. Payment options for Australian trade mark registration services in order of our preference:

  • Secure $150 credit card payment via PayPal
  • Bank transfer to Commonwealth Banking Corporation Australia
    • SWIFT Code Commonwealth Bank Australia CTBAAU2S
    • BSB 06 6122 Account Number 10104278
    • Essential for us to RECEIVE (different than you SENDING in this age of unreliable, filtered email) written confirmation of payment advice before research, reporting and trade mark filing starts. Using the message section of our online trade mark form will avoid you thinking about our automatic Spam Arrest service for new email senders.
  • AUSTRALIAN cheques ONLY made payable to "4 Web Marketing" AUSTRALIAN cheques mailed with your Australian trademark application information.