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Copywriting for persuasion and copywriting for SEO have different objectives. Copy writing for persuasion often hinders copywriting for SEO by including words such as adjectives and adverbs which reduce the keyword density of target phrases.  Traditional copywriters often don't have any idea about copywriting for SEO.  I used to edit what traditional copywriters wrote and then have them run me down to my new client which they'd had a good relationship for years.  It took time for me to convince my SEO client that copywriting for search engine optimisation (SEO) on landing pages is what opens the door to persuasion.  I admit that sometimes the copywriting grammar and even deliberate miss spelling I do, makes the hairs of the back of my client's neck stand up but the client is always right even when they're wrong, so compromise it is. Copy need to be interesting enough to hold readers to a web page. Most of my copywritng for SEO is Australia focused.


AI copywriting is the use of artificial intelligence to help write copy that is keyword-rich and interesting to read. The question of "should artificial intellegece be used to write copy for SEO?" Sometimes I'll instruct the AI I subscribe to, to write persuasive, good SEO friendly copy and then I'll improve it. For example the AI copy might miss keywords like "Perth". Then I'll add Perth to the copywriting for SEO Perth.

Should AI Be Used for Copywriting For SEO?

The short answer is yes but keep in mind that humans with their vast experiences should control machines which with their machine leaning write copy for SEO from what they've gathered off the internet. I was able to write copy for SCUBA diving websites because I was a trained SCUBA diver on Aitutaki island. If asked to write copy about something I know little of, I'll hire an expert Australian copywriter who specialises in the field that copy is needed for or if the copy is for a budget SEO client. I'll try to get ideas for copywriting from the AI writing service that I pay a subscription of near $1,000 per year for. This AI writing service is an Australian investment and cost of service that I believe is worthwhile for the benefit of my Australian SEO clients. Was this webpage copywritten for SEO in Australia? No. If I did the spelling might be better but also American and the grammar would be better but this page might not stay on page one of Google SERPs where you found it for phrases like "copywriting for seo australia".

Example deliberate targeting misspelled domain name with keyboard proximity errors:
Copywriting for misspellings
Don't laugh. It's on page one of SERPs for "accommAdation perth". Traffic is worth the $10pa domain name redirection.

The chart below shows that 50% of the time Australians spelled accommodation with a missing "m", ie "accomodation" but with time or perhapse spell checkers, Australians are getting better at spelling:

Misspelling is also misspelled or is that misspelt derived from spelt as either a grain like wheat or past tense of spell :-) Gotta love English:
stats misspelling misspelt

Here's for my Australian SEO copywriter competitors who haven't done their keyword research:
SEO copywriting

Copywriting for SEO Tips

  1. The ESSENTIAL Good Keywords Report. @ only $40.  You need to know what people are searching for and what words to weave into your copywriting for SEO.
  2. Keyword density is important. Avoid dilution but also avoid black hat SEO keyword stuffing.
  3. Use keyword variants eg run running runner ran.
  4. Keyword Prominence: Good copywriting for SEO puts important phrases near the top of the page. I don't mean my pet hate words like "welcome" or "contact us" or "products". Yuk!  Even words like "this" "that" "it" can be replaced with keywords.
  5. Keyword rich headings are important.
  6. Keyword rich hypertext (anchor text) and hyperlinks are important.
  7. Copywriting for SEO in Australia must hold the reader's attention to the page for a while. Time spent on a webpage sends a message to the search engines about its worthwhileness. If you've read copywriting for SEO tips so far, thank you for sending a message back to the search engine that this page about copywriting for SEO is OK.
  8. Geo targeting with place names is common for many websites. Eg "copywriting for SEO Australia" "copy writing for seo perth wa"
  9. There are other off page web marketing and behind the page tips for SEO in the html code of a web page such as the description meta tag but those web marketing tips are not the domain of this copywriting page.

Examples of Poor Copywriting for SEO

copywriting for SEO
If bad copywriting for SEO is necessary, a simple option is to use an image of text like copy just above.+61 492 851 047

Examples of Good SEO Copywriting


I've been copywriting for SEO in Australia since 1999. I'm not a web designer nor a good copywriter for persuasion which I admire. I edit copy for persuasion and turn it into copywriting for SEO, keeping in mind the need for balance between SEO copywriting and copy for persuasion. If I know the subject matter I'll write without AI assistance. If not I'll use AI copywriting in Australia for writing ideas which I edit for even better SEO copywriting. My father, Ian Parkes, of Parkes Clemenger owned the biggest advertising in Perth for decades and was a copywriter/wordsmith. We used to play a lot of scrabble.

Big Map > showing address of copywriter for SEO Australia near the Indian Ocean city of Perth Western Australia.


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