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Nationality Australian.   (with Police Clearance and valid Australian passport)
Qualification Diploma in Applied Science (Chem)
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Born: Enschede Holland 1952.

Primary: Subiaco, Floreat, Darlington.
Secondary: Guildford Grammar School, Western Australia.
Private tuition: Jan Holmes a Court.
Tertiary: Diploma in Applied Science, Mt. Lawley Technical College, Perth.


Dec 98 to Current
of 741 sites including one of the most popular website about Perth, which is about 1% of my effort.

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4 Web Marketing   Digital marketing including search engine optimisation (SEO in Perth), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Video marketing, Training, Research, Reporting, KPI setting, Business development, Financial management, HR management.Web marketer

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Web Marketing Seminar Speaker and public guest speaker at:
  2009 Action Coaches
  2009 Edith Cowan University

  2005 Alternative Marketing Conference, Le Meridian Hotel, Melbourne.
  2005 Meetings & Events Australia, Duxton Hotel Perth.
  2006 Australian International Education Conference


Designing mass media ads

Marketing web marketing

Liaison with clients, affiliates and employees.


Digital video production management - Multi-Media

Achievements: Making clients' websites popular via top position of search engine searches. eg "brand marketing australia" "copy writing for seo australia" "hotel marketing australia" "hotel marketing asia" etc.  Testimonials

Association Memberships:


Jul 1998 to Dec 98
RELIEF TEACHER, Bunbury Catholic College Computer Programming, Career Education, CAD

web training

Jan 1997 to April 98
MANAGER, Leonora Laverton Regional Development Association Inc. Liaise with mine managers, government agencies, NGOs, indigenous and other civic leaders. Manage enterprise support services, employment, training, finances, staff, computer systems, marketing, webmaster, budgets, community relations, meetings, media releases etc etc.


Aug ‘96 - Dec’97
COMMUNITY EDUCATION TRAINING & EMPLOYMENT COORDINATOR Kimberley College of TAFE (Technical And Further Education) Management of the LaGrange Bay TAFE Centre, Organise adult training courses. Funding applications, course promotions & enrolments. Selection of Staff, materials and equipment. Instruction of Word 6 for Win’95, database and file management, spread-sheeting/charting, Hypertext mark-up language for World Wide Web publishing, Driver training, etc. Editor of The Bay News community newsletter.


Jan 95 - July 96
Family relocation/reunion from Aitutaki, Cook Islands and Qatar, home buying and redevelopment at Scarborough, Western Australia


July - Dec 1994
INSTRUCTOR of TECHNICIAN  - Vocational Training Centre, Qatar General Petroleum Corp., POB 3212, Doha, Qatar, Arabian Gulf.
Math, Science, Chemistry teacher, curriculum development and technical writing of laboratory manuals and student work-sheet books, for the training of Arab oil and gas process plant operators and technicians.

Ben in Qatar

Feb - June 1994
MATHS / SCIENCE / CHEMISTRY INSTRUCTOR - Vocational Training Centre, Qatar General Petroleum Corp.


Feb 1990 - Feb ’94
SENIOR TECHNICIAN - Department of Minerals Engineering & Extractive Metallurgy, Western Australian School of Mines, a branch of Curtin University of Technology, Kalgoorlie. Procurement/negotiations for laboratory equipment, chemicals and services. Expediting late deliveries. Computer hardware & software procurement and documentation. Information systems analysis and operation. Technical archivist, department accounts. Video-conferencing (Picturtel)Ben as Senior Technician, Department of Minerals Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy at WA School of Mines,metallurgical lab facilitator. Metallurgical research: Comminution - Bond work index testing, assisted masters researchers with high pressure, temperature & oxidation leaching, bio-oxidation, column, and heap leaching, refractory gold ore fine grinding and roasting, batch and column nickel froth flotation. Materials testing - hardness testing of steels, wet chemistry and instrumental methods of gold ore analysis. Metallurgical laboratory safety: evaluation, equipment design, procedures, and hazard reporting. Safe storage of chemicals. Liaison with Senior Curtin Safety Officer and government health officials in my capacity as department Safety Officer. Gold process plant visits. Staff and student supervision, demonstration of: density separation: panning, tables, jig etc. Particle sizing and statistical analysis.


SECRETARY - Aitutaki Chamber of Commerce.aitutaki Cook Islands
Honorary position. Produce reports, organise meetings, etc.


Jan'85 - Oct'89
MANAGING DIRECTOR - Lagoon Sailing Tours Ltd., Aitutaki, Cook Islands FinancialBen's work place for 10 years records and analysis, using QuickBooks computerised accounting, Microsoft spread-sheeting and charting, payrolls. Marketing, sailing, fishing, wind-surfing instruction, dive guide, policy formation, staff motivation, training. Leadership of sailing fleet and game fishing captains. 4wd and scooter hire. International purchasing and import entry documentation. Stock control, maintenance, negotiating with business and civic leaders, etc. etc. At right, Admiral Ben working on Maina islet, barrier
reef of the Aitutaki Island lagoon, Cook Islands.


Feb'80 - Dec'84araura college aitutaki
HEAD of SCIENCE - Australian Volunteer Abroad, Araura College, Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Years 8 to year 11. Science staff supervision. Instruction of NZ School Certificate sciences, student assessment and reporting. Curriculum development. Also sport activities and foreign aid funding.


May'1978 - Dec'1979Mercedes Ladies College
SCIENCE TEACHER Perth - Mercedes Ladies College.
Lesson preparation, instruction, assessment, reports.


Jan'76 - Dec'77
SCIENCE MASTER NulunguTeaching in Broome College, Broome Western Australia. Curriculum development, audio visual co-ordination, purchasing, maintenance, manufacturing science equipment, liaison with state government departments, leading students on local and interstate excursions, in-service conferences. Science instruction, student assessment and reports.

Jan’75 - Dec’75
SCIENCE TEACHER Years 8,9,10. Nulungu College, Broome, Western Australia 6725. Science teaching. Student assessment and reports.


METALLURGICAL LABORATORY ASSISTANT / 1973 TECHNICIAN - Australian Selection Pty. Ltd. Queens Park laboratory and Kalgoorlie pilot plant. Nickel ore research: Sample preparation, batch froth flotation testing, high pressure leaching, solvent extraction.


Volunteer Community Development: President Laverton School P&C 97 & 98. Member Laverton Fire & Rescue Service. Donation of an aeroplane to the Royal Historic Air Museum of Western Australia In the Cook Islands: Australian Volunteer Abroad, Relief teaching, Sea rescue, Founding Committee member of Aitutaki Fishing Club, Secretary Chamber of Commerce; Patron, founder and fund raiser for Aitutaki Basketball Association. Donation of audio visual gear, flood lights and sports equipment to Araura College. Assist in construction of hard court. Boy Scouts. Sailing instruction to locals and expatriates. Fund raising for victims of disaster


Search Engine Marketing Surfing
Strategic Planning Sailing
Business development Cycling
Instructional / Public Speaking Fishing
Computing Training Scuba diving
Financial Management Camping
Personnel Management Horse riding
Technical evaluation & writing Swimming
Social Media Marketing  
VR Videos and Photos  

Perth Business Directory
Monthly reports for Leonora Laverton Regional Development Association. North Eastern Goldfields, 32 page website.Sailing
LaGrange TAFE Centre media releases and broadcast advertising 1996
Real Estate Agent Perth Directory
LaGrange Bay home page, June 1996
"The Bay News" bi-monthly community newsletter. 1996
"Technician Training Program Objectives" 1994, Qatar.
"Laboratory Reference & Techniques Manual" 1994, Qatar.
"Matter & Particles" 1994 Qatar.
"Acids & Al-Kalis" (sic) 1994 Qatar.
"Elements, Compounds, Mixtures & Solutions" 1994, Qatar.
"Metals & Non-metals" 1994, Qatar
"Chemical Structure, Valency & Calculations" 1994, Qatar.
Database of tests, 1994, Qatar
Various basketball, sailing and fishing reports, 1983-1990 Cook Islands News.
Advertising for Lagoon Sailing Tours Ltd, 1981-1989 Cook Islands
Science Syllabus, 1975, Nulungu College, Broome
Hundreds of websites

Recent Training & Networking:

Aug'06 Business Network International Breakfast at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre.
Mar'06 Public Relations & the Media, presented by "Garry Shannon" at the Centre.
Feb'08 Business Exit, by Stirling Business Centre
Feb'08 Yacht Racing rules and skills by the Hillarys Yacht Club
July'15 Curtin University Business School's CGSB Business Leaders Forum presents "The state of marketing and changing marketplace"

Ben Grummles surfing
Recent personal photo surfing at Scarborough Beach.

Favourite sports:
Surfing,     Sailing,     Fishing.

Ben Grummels
POB 334
Scarborough Beach Perth
Western Australia  6019

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