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Doorway pages focus on a phrase. They are created for manipularion of SERP. Doorway pages are often click bait which bring visitors to a poor user experiance at your page via search engines. Visitors are then forced to keep clicking to find what they are searching for. Landing pages are better for SEO than doorway pages. Doorway pages have a few strategic keywords and a bunch of unique keyword phrases.

A doorway page is a web page that contains click bait. Doorway pages lack enough information that the searcher is lookinf for. The Doorway Page is much more likely to get a worse ranking in search engines based on the keywords and descriptive text of your profile. The difference between a doorway page and a landing page is that doorway pages have content has been optimised for a particular keyword phrase in the hope of sending visitors to the same end page.

Doorway pages are spamming (tricking) tacktics search engines don't like.  Some say that if the doorway page is about your business in for example in a geographical location then who's to say a doorway page is spam or a legitimate landing page.

The Doorway Page can contain redirection code that automatically sends visitors to your real website, though auto redirection is being treated by some search engines as spamming.

A doorway page has data viewed as unfavourable by search engines with none of the distractions (unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, poetry and grove words like "jobz" which aren't even in the dictionary) that some copywriters love to use and which diminish your chances of gaining a better search engine position.

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Each search engine ranks landing web pages differently. The smart thing is to build perfect landing pages suited for EACH major search engine.  This worthwhile landing page building takes time and is outlined in our Platinum Package

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