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PROBLEM No. 1 With Web Page Frames

Some websites still use a “Frames” format. Framed websites may look nice, and they can help novices to organize their sites, but they are devastating to your website’s promotion to get good search engine position. Most search engine spiders simply cannot make sense of frames-based pages and therefore make a well-intentioned but frequently useless attempt at trying to determine what the website is about. If your site has frames do the following in MS i-net Explorer starting with the drop down menu near the top of MSIE":

  • > View

  • > Source

  • > Wait till NotePad loads the html view of your page

  • > look at the words in the body of your page. 

    You'll likely see text about frames which is all very well if your site sells picture or window frames. The consequence is that the site usually is not indexed by search engines at all or it is indexed at such a poor position that no one will ever see it. If you must use a frames-based website, be sure to build a doorway page that has no frames in it.

    4 Web Marketing recommends a new NON-frames home page. Your position ranking by search engines will be lower if there is no text in the body of your home page mentioning your business or anything related to your business and currently might be:
    <BODY> Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.</BODY>

Do you think search engines, after looking at your title and meta tags would score your position well when looking at the text on your home page (html view is what counts to search engines)? Maybe if you're selling browsers or window frames but in your business, I don't think so. This is a problem commonly caused by inexperienced web developers who have cost you hits, and sales.


FRAMES PROBLEM No. 2 With Web Page Frames

Knowing one of 4 Web Marketing's motos: 
"Make Every page count as a doorway to your site." you'll have a frames problem if you've got links in your frame and not on content pages.  If search engines find your content page, it'll look lost and naked without links, like I've seen web developers overlook so many times because they are used to looking at the site from the point of view of a human rather than a search engine.


If your current home page uses frames, we can replace it with a new index.htm page which leads to your old home page (renamed index_old.htm ) for US$200. This new home page would also have important improvements, including keyword rich titles, meta tags and body text. The improved page would be emailed to you or your web developer for uploading (don't worry about missing pictures; they'll fall into place when the page is uploaded.  If you want us to upload your page, 4 Web Marketing needs your confidential ftp information which you can change after we're finished.


What Google says about Frames

Your page uses frames. Google supports frames to the extent that it can. Frames tend to cause problems with search engines, bookmarks, emailing links and so on, because frames don't fit the conceptual model of the web (every page corresponds to a single URL). If a user's query matches the site as a whole, Google returns the frame set. If a user's query matches an individual page on the site, Google returns that page. That individual page is not displayed in a frame -- because there may be no frame set corresponding to that page.

If you are concerned with the description of your site as seen by search engines, please read "Search Engines and Frames". It describes the use of the 'NoFrames' tag, which is used to provide alternative content. If, instead of providing alternative content, you use wording such as "This site requires the use of frames" or "Upgrade your browser", then you are excluding both search engines and people who use browsers with frames turned off. (For example, audio web browsers, such as those used in automobiles and by the visually impaired, typically do not deal with frames, which are a visual mechanism.) You can read about NoFrames in the HTML standard here: 







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