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We are a web marketing company of which search engine optimisation for good organic search results, is one of the activities we excel in. Search engine marketing (search marketing, search engine optimisation) is a subset of web marketing. It is not web marketing.

Many website owners don't even realize their website is lost in CyberSpace until you tell them or when they see a Position Ranking Report about their site.  Some don't even know how to use a search engine properly.  4 web marketing are proud of how much we've assisted clients into search engine prominence.  If you want to help your associates with our internet marketing services we believe you should not only get accolades of gratitude from them but you should also get rewarded by 4 Web Marketing for your referrals to us.  All you need to get started is a link on your website to 4 Web Marketing's site.  AS SOON AS we're paid we send you a cheque for a generous:


That's on going too;  So if the client you introduced invests again for another service later, you get rewarded 25% again.  There's nothing like cold hard cash but if you prefer 4 Web Marketing can credit your account.  Just think: If you refer 4 clients to our great value Silver Plan, you will get a web marketing Silver Plan free.

4 Web marketing affiliates not in Perth are listed in our directory of Web Marketing Firm Affiliates so that clients from your location can visit agents for a 10 minute demonstration of our successes of winning competitive phrases. 10 minutes of your time for thousands of dollars for affiliates is nice going but you'll also be able to up-sell your own services, for example web design, traditional marketing services,  etc.

Internet Marketing Affiliate Program is for:

  • Satisfied 4 Web Marketing clients who what to recoup some of their investment by helping an associate.

  • Computer professionals

  • Web designers Web developers.  Please see Web Development Planning

  • ISP and Web Hosting Service Providers

  • Professionals good at networking.

  • Seminar Speakers

Currently Seeking Internet / Web Marketing Partners in:

  • Europe

  • USA

  • Asia

  • East coast Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Middle East

  • South Africa

After completion of our Internet marketing affiliate application form below, 4 web marketing will email half a line of html code to paste into your site. The more referred clients which buy via the unique link to  on you site, the more commission you earn.

Here are some professionally designed banners for you to copy to your site with a link to

gif transparent for white pages.

jpg with white background

butter scotch

non-standard button add size
non-standard button ad size, displays with banner ad blockers.
standard button ad size
Standard Micro button banner size.

The above is for my Web Marketing business in Australia.

75% is what you can work with when it comes to being an affiliate for my online publishing Business.  More online affiliate marketing Australia information

trade mark registration Australia
10% commissions for Australian Trademark Registration services

Use the Internet Marketing Affiliate form above to join our growing list of beyond Perth Web Marketing Partners:
Internet Marketing Specialist
4 Karrinyup Road
Trigg (Perth)
Western Australia
Australia 6029

Email: Internet Marketing Affiliate
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