For many independent and even big hotel chains, map marketing is a much under utilised marketing resource. Google is continually integrating its web aps with Google Maps. Many hotels fail to up-date their Google+ business page profile and worse still some fail to claim management of their Google+ profile, leaving it:

  1. Unverified (no shield with a tick inside)
  2. a default cover (at least 2021 pixels wide)
  3. a default circular profile image instead of their brand. It's your Google+ business profile which whether you know it or not, shows up on Google Maps. Google Maps leads to discovery. If you understand copywriting for SEO, your Google maps can show up on the Google search engine. Eg: ours yellow highlighted on page one of the Google search engine.
    map marketing Perth Australia

Another form of discovery by travellers is they know the brand Google Maps, go to it and start searching for hotels near their destination such as a convention centre, airport, river, mountain, lake, beach etc. Eg for me I look for accommodation near nice beaches while my wife +Suree Sribuathet looks for swimming pools from satellite photos used to make Google Earth.

Another benefit is: Google maps are easily embedded on your web pages. Eg We embedded our at the bottom of our

All our web marketing clients get a free pin on our maps for years as a bonus reward for loyalty, containing:

  • sales pitch
  • photos and or video
  • links back to their website
  • Our gets about 100 thousand views per year. Not bad considering it's not even a website but rather only a domain name, redirect to our layer of Google maps. One of the video pins with a cine camera icon, links to the Google+ Travel Videos Open Community where anyone can reach out to travellers, vloggers, and over 1,000 members with up-to one free promotional post per month for hoteliers, or more if I consider them public interest destinations.

Last map marketing tip: If you have a land mark near your hotel and want to add it to Google maps, you can add it via   Then when travellers search for the landmark, they'll see your nearby hotel's Google+ profile.


  1. You can copy to any zoomed in place on Google Maps and for example add it to your email signature file or a link on a page. Example:: My current locationn.
  2. You can copy and email the link to show a place on Google Maps. 
  3. From the 3 dot menu at the top left hand side of for example select an option such as embed.
    Google Maps menu.
  4. Rather than trying to remember a long URL for a commonly used map,buy a domain name and point it to the long Goolge map URL.. Example: pointts to one of "4 Web Marketing's" Google maps at::

If you need help with creating a Google map or need to know why or how's of marketing advice or any other type of digital marketing advice, phone our map marketer, 8 to 5 Western Australian Standard time, Monday to Friday for up-to 10 minutes of free consultation or contact me via

How to Get a Pin On Google Maps?

For a start, to get a pin on Google Maps, you'll need a phone that Google can send an SMS to confirm you own that location. You should have your phone on and ready to type the SMS'ed code for verification into your Google My Business text box.
You will not need any of this if you want your $100 pin on  We are here to help you with your Google My Business marketing. We are NOT Google. You can either add your own pin on Google Maps via Google My Business or you can open your account with "4 Web Marketing" and then contact us with:

  1. The STREET address or exact coordinants of where you want your pin.
  2. Map information you want showing once your pin is clicked.
  3. If you have a Google My Business profle, it's URL.
  4. If you don't already have a GMB. For a fee we can design a unique Google My Business pin for you @ $200.


Pins on Google maps are free but if you're too busy to add your pin, we can, for a small fee of $200. The map marketing fee depends on the content in your pin.  If it's just some text like "ACME Co. here we are" Then $100 should cover invoicing, liason and actually placing your pin. It also depends of which Google map. If it's our,  we can also add much more of your content included in the $100, but if you needed video production for in your map pin, that adds a minimum of $500 to cost of your pin.

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