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Digital Marketing Spend Stats

Australian web stats fact: 88% of Australians (22 million Australians) use the web. Marketing in this media isn't futuristic. Digital marketing is right here, right now. TV didn't replace radio. The world wide web is ANOTHER medium with strengths of interactivity, analysis and powerful ability for niche, targeted, pull marketing. Below are marketing media comparisons from PWC Australia and IAB. See the media buying stats video.

Digital market spend comparison 2020
.... and in the past:

advertising Media Comparison

What will your digital marketing investment be in 2023?


Advertising media market share
Source IBA Australia

Cost Benefit comparison between our digital marketing plans cost compared to one day wonder newspaper advertising costs.
  Web Marketing Full Page Australian daily newspaper ad.
Marketing MediaMarketing Investment $8,000   $8,000 city paper
$28,000 national.
marketing media comparisonInteractive
Yes No
marketing media comparisonTrack how many people read your ad Yes No
Marketing MediaNumber of pages
Many, in full colour One
marketing media comparisonCirculation
Global Usually State / Region
Marketing MediaDuration Years 1 day on a coffee table before it's in the bin.
marketing media comparisonMost important of all..
For example: someone looking for accommodation near London is certainly not looking for naked ladies or football scores. Your full page ad is most likely flicked past to get to the sports or business section at the back.

Despite the above marketing investment costs comparisons 4 Web Marketing advocates selecting the right type of media or media mix for what is being advertised.  eg  Newspaper advertising, television advertising and radio advertising are appropriate for beer advertising but marketing for example Perth accommodation world wide gets much better marketing value and reach via web marketing compared with radio, press or TV and at a much lower marketing investment.

Revenue from online advertising in Australia

According to the latest ACNielsen market research:

  • 627 million people shop online worldwide, 325 million made purchases in the last month

  • 87% of Australian Internet users made a purchase over the Internet


Search engine marketing is a fantastic, TARGETED lead generator but nothing beats eye to eye contact of network marketing.  We recommend a marketing mix.  Before you waste your marketing budgets carefully select the right marketing mix for what you want to promote, starting with understanding advertising rate comparisons above for different types of media.

$1.5 billion is invested in online marketing Australia wide pa.  Online marketing growth rate is 24% pa

Internet Advertising Bureau Press Release
Download MP3 of what the CEO of AIMIA and IAB have to say about marketing media comparison statistics.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

Marketing Media Comparisons

  • Web

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  • Radio

  • Television

  • Signage

CPC comparison


Google the American middleman media buyer

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