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Video Clips for Viral Marketing

VHS to DVD  VHS to SVCD  VHS to MPEG  VHS to QuickTime Conversion approximately $300 depending on hours of video.  Includes auto start menu for all VHS to disk conversions and postage of original and new master disc back Australia wide. International formats such as NTSC available too.

Corporate Presentations on DVD

  • Filming
  • Capture to PC and conversion.
  • Editing
  • Auto-Start menu driven presentations
  • Sound track (copyright authority required)australian broadcastiing
  • Video segments in format of your choosing eg:
    • DVD or VCD
    • Mpeg
    • AVI
    • RAM (Real Audio Movie)
    • QuickTime for PC and Mac ie cross-platform :-)
    • Streaming movies for websites
  • Titles
  • DVD or SVCD Cover designs

    australian broadcasting corporation perth multimedia

Multi-Media Optional Extras:

  • Master Music CD or Backing for Master DVD Movies we produce:
  • Original music with intellectual property authority. Good range of backing music.
  • Or your own supplied or
  • Recorded in our large music studio
  • Embedding your video clip into webpages.
  • Slide show of images (eg products, bands, etc.)
  • websites with access to any file types
    • Real audio
    • PDF
    • Power Point
    • Excel files 
    • etc

Your video is captured and converted to format/s of your choosing. We then add:

  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Menus
  • Still images
  • Hypertext

We have TOP professional freelance cinematographers Australia wide, who have made documentaries shown by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and British Broadcasting Corporation,  to film your production. Our professional Australian cameraman has MANY years of assignment experience for media organisations such as the BBC, ABC, large advertising companies and independent film makers. Your quality master CD will be snail mailed to you. From this master you are able to make as many copies as you like.  If supplying content you will be asked to sign off indemnifying us against copyright infringement.

CDs will auto start when placed in a PC running Windows 98 or XP with MSIE v5 or latter.  Imagine your band's own MTV on disk or the selling / presentation of your large corporate website, loading MUCH faster and at MUCH higher quality than it would across the web.

Videos take most data and should therefore be kept under an hour to preserve quality.  CDs typically fit 700mb of data, be it videos, music, web pages and graphics, etc.   There is a balance between the amount of data and quality of that data that can fit on a 700mb disk.  Our DVD disks can hold up to 4.7Gb of data.photographer

If your images are for the web, digital video camera productions aren't suitable for most Australians. Most people in places like Australia would not have faster access than 50,000bps and therefore static images from our or your professional photographers is more appropriate for multimedia.  Broadband internet, VCD and DVD are appropriate mediums for movies.

We specialise in digital video production promotion of Perth Hotels and accommodation property marketing, Perth Western Australia. We are prepared to film your Western Australian resort but you would need to fly our Australian freelance camera man to your hotel resort, Western Australia. After editing your accommodation promotion video CD it will be mailed to you. If you like it, you can have streaming video hotel promotion Australian broadcasting from your Australian hotel resort website. 

One hour corporate or training video presentations start from as low as Aust$967  Location expenses such as Australian cameraman travel are extra.  You might prefer to have your digital video production filmed and edited in sunny Perth Western Australia.  If so here's a link to accommodation near our studio:

Order this Hotel promotional DVD online


  • Free Cinematographer Australia directory listing

  • Editing

  • Multiple copies made from master dvd

  • DVD packaging design and packaging

  • Mail out (optional)

  • Setting up web servers with digital video files for streaming

  • Adding links on your website for visitors to either download digital video or stream video just as if you'd set up your own Australian broadcasting. Corporations wanting more information need simply pick up the phone.

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