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Web Page Analysis Reports Gives

... your page a score based on real data taken live from the Internet’s top-ranking websites. The Web Page Analysis Report tells you where to make specific changes in your page based on what the analysis finds. For example, the analysis might tell you to include a longer or shorter keyword rich page title. It may also tell you that there are not enough instances of the chosen keywords in your web page. Or you may need to reduce or increase the amount of description text on the page. Keep in mind that while all of these page findability factors may seem minor, they are worth checking and modifying if necessary, as they affect your search engine ranking position. The Web Page Analysis Report is HUGELY comprehensive.

With the Web Page Analysis Report you can:

  • Build changes into new Gateway Page and or Doorway Pages.
  • Let us or your web developer use it as a guide to improve your search engine position for any of the pages that the report was run on.

Web Page Analysis Report includes comparison with your competitors analysed web page. It scores your page for every important search engine position ranking factors such as keyword density on your page compared with your competitors' pages and also the best winning pages on the web.

Web Page Analysis Report Includes

• Internal/External Link Counts in Page Analysis Report

• Ability to check All <H> tags for keywords

• Changed weight, prominence, and total word calculations to divide value by number of tags so that it is an average as opposed to a total.

• Reports "same background color" code

• "Has Flash" variable to page properties.

• "Keyword in URL" variable to page properties

• "Metatag Syntax Correct" variable to page properties

• "Has Flash" variable to Advisor Reports

• "Keyword in URL" variable to Analysis Reports

• "Metatag Syntax Correct" variable to Analysis Reports

• META Tag checking to allow detection of additional formatting errors.

• Keyword analysis expanded for better handling of exact match searches.

• Case sensitivity checking.

Example: Page Analysis Report

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