First of all don't think of it as a payment but rather the best value for money digital marketing INVESTMENT because: It's targeted marketing, directly at a potential client searching for information about your goods / services in full living, interactive, animated colour, with global reach, 24/4/365.  Compare digital marketing investment with a one day wonder such as a $28,000 newspaper ad which most likely gets flicked past in the rush to the sports or business section. Mass marketing is OK if you are selling a mass consumer good (FMCGs) such as beer in one region but still much more expensive than digital marketing.

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Professional Web Marketer

PRE-PAYMENT is required to open your account for web marketing strategy consultations and all web marketing projects.  If you're worried about our ethics, please contact our many satisfied clients for a reference or read their testimonials.

  • Non-Australian advertisers will be charged at their local tax rate.
  • Because our web marketing investment prices are displayed on our website, we do not provide quotes without you first opening an account. Web marketing quantitation's are valid for 30 days only.
  • If any payment is dishonoured by your financial institution we may impose a dishonour fee of Aust$40.  Your financial institution may also impose a fee.
  • All accounts that have not been paid within 14 days of invoice issue, will have a credit charge of 3.5% calculated monthly on the outstanding balance
  • Debt collection costs payable by debtor.

Our Link:
A condition of all work is that this link: 4 Web Marketing in small font size appear at the bottom on all pages 4 Web Marketing work on and stays on your pages including your home page when your pages stay on page one of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Alternatively you can make a financial offer for the removal of the 4 Web Marketing link.

Our Web Marketing Guarantee is VOID if other people change any of the html coding / web marketing / search marketing optimisation we do for your site. Speak with 4 Web Marketing BEFORE you or your web designer change pages.  At additional investment cost, at rates below, we can provide you with consultation and training about using the template we made, however this web marketing training is included if you invest in a Web Marketing Plan.

Spammers killed the killer App of the Internet.
4 Web Marketing no longer provides technical support via traditional e-mail. Lost e-mail and filtered e-mail often causes lost communication. In order to provide you with the best web marketing service, we ask that you PHONE for support if your account is in credit. Should you still prefer e-mail, please call us and we will oblige. However, please note that while our response time goal is instant for phone support, it is 48 hours with traditional e-mail.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to TELEPHONE:

 Payment Method Options:

  • Netbank PayID number 0418958799
  • Scan and Pay for marketing in Australia with Qoin crypto currancy
    Scan and pay QR code Qoin crypto-currancy payment for marketing Australia
  • My Ziksu QR code is coming soon. Ziksu bank's QR code scan and pay in Australian dollars is a digital platform developed in Perth to level up Australian businesses and operate in real-time for Business and Personal consumers. A simple scan of a QR Code to make payments and money is received instantly across 90+ banks in Australia. Download the Ziksu app to your phone. Then scan my coming soon QR code to pay for digital marketing services in Australia.
  • Paypal. Example if you want to pay $99, put 99 at the end of the URL
    If you want to pay $70:
  • Cheque > 3 days in advance of project start.
  • Paypal linked with
  • Bank draft.
  • Electronic bank transfer to our Australian bank account. (details upon request) Payment advice required. We're not wasting our time checking your payment has gone through till the end of the month when we receive our bank statement.
  • Cash: US or Euro or Australian or NZ dollars or UK Pounds.
  • Credit Card to open your account pay US$100 for an hour of work.
  • Travellers's Cheques.
  • If you prefer progress payments to us, see your bank. We are not a financial institution.
  • Web marketing services will commence at a time agreed by the client and 4 Web Marketing within a reasonable time.  In the event a client causes delays costs may increase accordingly. As with inflation our fees also rise every quarter.

Non-Digital Marketing Plan HOURLY RATE

hourly web marketing fee rate

Aust$330 per hour excluding GST is our senior web marketing consultant's standard rate or whatever is the lesser of this rate and the advertised fee for web marketing Plans. This is to give our IP away to potential competitors. Includes:

  • Technical consultations, training, etc.

  • Perusal of emails and their written technical consultative responses / reports. There is a minimum digital marketing consultation fee of $70 be it for even a short email, phone, or SMS after the first free consultation.

  • Verbal quotes are freely given, though not often given because of time constraints. Please use online application form for itemised fees chargeable and request for work.)  Digital Makreting Plans such as SEO plans which bundle web services are a more economical.

  • Scoping your digital marketing project. Determining the best value digital marketing for your budget and needs.

  • Written quotes / invoices

  • Telephone consultations.

Web marketing seminar presentations:
per hour
$4,000 per half day
per day

If you think the level of consultation might be high, you might be better off prepaying for consultation charged @ US$100 or A$120 per hour inc GST. Please do not expect return of telephone calls or emails if you are not prepared to pay for the best web marketing strategy consultations in the world.  This policy does not apply the free introductory consultation.

We have international customers therefore US$ are quoted at times throughout 4 Web Marketing's websites.

25% discount web marketing services  for Australian non-profit organisations such as clubs and associations.  See Volunteer Community Service

Save time and YOUR money by being prepared with your:

Phone for Appointments if you're in Perth
We value your time so when our senior web marketing consultant is with you, calls taken by our secretary will NOT be put through to Ben. She will make appointments but do NOT expect to speak with Ben when he is with a client.

  and  Perth time (+8 GMT)

Perth Location / Call out fees

  • Aust$200
  • Add $5 per hour if parking in the Perth CBD
  • Add vehicle expense of $0.50 per kilometre there and back.
  • Add Aust$60 per hour travelling time.

Alternatively there is plenty of free parking at our Perth web marketing offices:

Trigg 20 minutes from the Perth CBC.
Perth Western Australia 6019


Burswood digital marketing office on Wednesdays, only 5 minutes from the Perth CBD.

Contact / Appointment Form 4 Web Marketing Perth headquarters

24 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend your appointment.  A fee will be charged for missed appointments.

To avoid distractions of your valuable time:

No Children.

Our web marketers do not take calls when providing web marketing strategy consultations. You can but know the invoice clock is still ticking.

Connecting your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.

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