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Countries with low cost per click have
search engines more popular than Google

Leave all your pay per click marketing campaigns in Australia to "4 Web Marketing".

Only pay per click from exactly the right site visitor to your Australian sales information.

Pay Per Click Vs SEO

Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC)

  1. Good web marketing strategy for launching a new website which hasn't yet achieve good search engine result pages. (SERPs).

  2. Good for short term promotions. Eg weekend music concert.

  3. Pay Per Click consideration should also include your marketing budget. The more competitive the phrase the higher the pay per click rate cost per phrase.  If your phrase is not comptetive you'll get cheap PPC.

  4. Good for brand marketing

  5. The disadvantage of PPC marketing is that it is expensive. PPC tip: Your media buy needs to know your market. Eg if it's in China, SEM on a search engine other than Google, such as Baidu is cheaper. If it's in Perth PPC on our popular Perth portal is 75% off the average PPC market rates.

Phone our Pay Per Click customer service manager to find out about our 75% discount off the PPC market rate.  Who sets the pay per click market rate and where to find the market rate? Answer: Google;  google "traffic estimator" then phone us for your 75% discount off the average Cost Per Click rate.


Because we're competing with the biggest brand PPC marketing company in the world, so to get the business we're offering better value, bigger full colour online advertising at a quarter the PPC price.


If you still want to use Google for your pay per click ad publishing, at least get us to SEO your landing page to improve your "Quality Score", thereby significantly reducing your pay per click costs.

pay per click marketing australia
CPC comparison

Famous American middleman media buyer

Deal direct with 4 Web Marketing


Expensive CPC

75% discount off Google’s CPC rate.  Compare the CPC you've been paying.

Ad Size


4 times bigger







Commission free leads emailed to you. (accom pubs)



Free targeted promotion


Yes on our popular social media open communites, forums, etc.

Helping a local business with local corporate social responsibility



Free linked pin on Google maps


Yes. Eg on

click tracking service which checks for multiple clicking fraud and provides columned reports including:

  • Total clicks

  • Unique clicks

  • Consecutive clicks

Pay Per Click Marketing PlanSIMPLE Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

  • No click = no pay

  • Send us your banner ad (no free banner design with this PPP simple click marketing campaign)

  • You tell us PPC marketing rate you have been paying. Example US$0.25 per click.

  • Open your trial Australian PPC marketing account with US$100  Example for 400 unique clicks

  • Example click stats:banner ad stats

  • If you get more work than you can handle, you can stop the Pay Per Click plan by phone, letter or CONFIRMED email, anytime.


Pay Per Click Marketing PlanGOLD Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign Australia

  • You get our "Simple Pay Per Click Marketing Plan" (as above) + your new doorway site hosted on another server, which means more pages to push your opposition off page one and get you to the 'top of the list'

  • US$100 set-up + 1 year contract

  • Good Keywords Report

  • OOne hour of PPC marketing consultation including information on pay per click strategies being used by your competitors on major search engines

  • Free domain name registration with this pay per click plan

  • Web Design + 1st year's hosting of a site designed to encourage visitors to click through to your main site

  • Free banner ad design and free banner ad placement on other popular sites for surfers to click through to your site

  • Researching your competitors pay per click programs - if they have them.

Developing Your Pay Per Click Marketing Budget


Pay Per Click Marketing PlanMANAGEMENT Pay Per Click (PPC) Engines - We Manage Your "Adwords" Marketing Campaign in Australia

Pay search engines have become popular. With these, you don't actually pay to submit. Instead, you create an account and bid against other webmasters for a position in their index on specific keywords. 

In other words, instead of getting a higher position because of the relevancy of your web pages to a keyword search, you get placed higher as long as you make a higher bid on the keyword than someone else.

  • To be number 1 on a keyword search, you only need to be the highest bidder.
  • The second highest bidder gets number 2, and so on.
  • Each time someone does a keyword search that you are bidding on, and clicks on your link, you get charged the amount of your bid.

Like the other search engines, some of the paid placement engines have agreements with other engines. So, being number one on a paid placement engine may make you number one on a completely unrelated engine as well. But remember, the moment someone outbids you, your position falls. 

4 Web Marketing can consult with you and manage your PPC bidding for search engine placement for you.

With Google's Pay Per Click (brand name is Adwords)

  • you set the amount you want to pay per day or month
  • you set the amount you are willing to pay per click
  • we work with you to develop the wording of your ads
  • you get regular reports on costs, click through rates and total clicks

The PPC fee depends on which search engine/s you want to work with. Pay per click consultation time @  US$100 hour.

PPC engine costs are charged at cost with no additional charges added if you manage PPC campaigns. If our Australian PPC manager manages your PPC marketing campaign there is an additional management fee.  Phone Pay Per Click Australia Manager Lance: 0414-873-147 might even save you money. Did you know that your PPC rate is cheaper if your landing pages are relevant?

Note: Our minimum pay per click bid amount is 22 cents.



Contact PPC Marketing Manager Australia

Phrase or phrases I want to including in my pay per click marketing management. You could copy and paste chosen topics below:

Don't forget to advise which pay-per-click marketing campaign you want?

  1. Simple Pay Per Click

  2. Gold Pay Per Click

  3. Manage my PPC Marketing @ Aust$110 / hour management + PPC costs.

100% Satisfation Guarantee Pay-per-Click Services

mention Pay Per Click in the message section and your secure online payment receipt number or post a Aust$130 cheque to:

4 Web Marketing
POB 334
Western Australia
Australia 6922

Pay Per Click Search Engine marketing, Australia

Contact PPC Marketing Manager Australia

Unpopular web directories charge flat fee, time based rates. Not pay per click rates because you'll be making them rich while they fail you. You might have a great looking ad but if no one see (brand marketing) or clicks on it then your web marketing investment has been a big waste.

Your Pay Per Click marketing success is our motivation

We only charge for unique clicks.  You don't need to worry about technicalities of Pay Per Click marketing in Australia.  All you need to know is Pay Per Click payments in Australia are a LOT cheaper way to get your sales info in front of the right buyers, prequalified as interested in your sales information.   How worthwhile is it for TARGETED clients with their hand in their wallet to see your sales information?  Australian cents per TARGETED visitor is cheaper than spray and pray marketing such as billboards or newspapers. Marketing media comparisons.

Following is an example of Pay Per Click advertising, brokered by an American company named Google. Google's brand for pay per click is "Adwords"  It features ads by more expensive, Australian pay per click managers than "4 Web Marketing's" PPC management. They advertise here because their SEO isn't as good as ours which brought you to this page without us paying per click.


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