Stock exchange-listed mining companies usually like to attract investors. I connect mining company brands and sales information with investors looking to invest in mining companies. Many mining companies only have a website to meet regulations. They say they don't need digital marketing because their limited number of customers, institutional investors and mining sub-contractors already know of them. True, but what about attracting the millions of mums and dad investors? What about a Perth PR services for Perth based mining companies?

EVERY mining company's web designer knows little about SEO. What's SEO? SEO gets lots of the right eyeballs to see mining company brand, PR and sales pitch to investors for investing in your mining company. It's not just statistical financial, technical and exploration reports along with persuasive copywriting. SEO attracts lots of website visitors to see this Australian mining company information in the first place. SEO is the best value type of a digital marketing in Perth for mining companies. This is especially true when done by the best SEO expert in Perth with years of mining (minerals processing) experience starting with ore sampling, crushing, grinding, froth floatation and high temperature/pressure leaching.

Benefits of Perth Mining Company Marketing

  1. Boost mining company assets/operations.
  2. Boost mining company share price.
  3. Improve mining company brand recognition/image.
  4. Improve mining company kudos.
  5. Better communication with investors.
  6. Supports PR in a mining disaster crisis.
  7. Better internal mining company communication.
  8. Help for technical writers so that investors and employees can find information more efficiently. (I'm Google first for "copywriting for seo australia")

How Does Marketing Help Mining Companies in Perth WA?

  1. The best digital marketing expert in Perth has significant mining experience at executive level. Ben can bridge the gap between:
    1. Copywriting for persuasion and ...
    2. Copy witing for SEO
    3. Mining jargon, technical copywriting.
  2. Our PR Perth executive can get you in front of communication managers of large Perth mining companies. Keep in mind that Perth is the headquarters of some of the world's largest mining companies.
  3. We're a local digital marketing agency based in Perth. We provide good client liaison. We work Perth time.
  4. For at least 2 years our mining clients get a free linked pin on the Google Mining Map of the world which is Google first for "google mining map". Also linked pins from mine sites/operation and from
  5. The content marketing production we do for mining companies in Perth is available to your social media marketers, PR companies, advertising agency and other outsourced digital marketing agencies your mining company uses.
  6. Experience in working with mine managers and other mining company executives in Western Australia.
  7. Good dofollow link juice from and from one of the most popular websites about Perth.

Contact Perth Mining Company Marketer

In summary, Contact me in 2024, a local mining marketer in Perth with many years of mining industry experience and 24 years of digital marketing experience.

Mining marketing Perth Australia

Phone Ben Grummels former senior technician at Curtin University's department of Minerals Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy at the Western Australian School of Mines (and with experience working directly with mine managers in the Northern Goldfields) on 0418 958 799.

Shareholders of the world's largest mining company are lucky enough to live in Perth for easy AGM attendance. I listened to smart, diplomatic and eloquent speaking BHP board members. A lot of questions from greenies were well responded to by the BHP chairperson Ken MacKenzie and CEO Mike Henry (not the Mike Henry I know from Aitutaki)

  1. BHP doesn't pollute while making steel because BHP doesn't make steel.
  2. BHP mines and sells high-quality metallurgical coal which produces less CO2 than any other coking coal.
  3. BHP with client partners is investing in technology research to reduce CO2 output.
  4. Steel is needed for the production of alternative energy equipment such as wind turbines.

After the meeting, I enjoyed lunch and chatting with some friendly BHP directors such as David Lamont who explain the BHP shipping and marketing/business development departments are in Singapore.

Lawyer Mia Pepper questioned BHP over the pace of resettlement of people whose homes were washed away after the Samarco mining disaster when a tailings dam collapsed in Brazil.

After the AGM I caught a steel train on steel rails to the steel Stirling train station where I'd parked my steel car. What I like about BHP are fully franked generous dividends. I look forward to the 2024 mining AGM season in Perth.

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