Website promotion

Website promotion is a must 4 web marketing to develop sales leads or promoting a worthy cause. Search engine optimised web pages proceeding effective site submission according to search engine rules is also a must! This Silver Plan includes:

Website Promotion
US$1,300 Silver Plan to Optimise 5 of Your Existing or New Doorway Pages.


In this section tell us which pages, address and what phrase you're trying to target. Look in the address line when looking at YOUR page, copy the full address and paste it into this form where you see http://

<< Usually homepage unless it's an intro "Flash". IF it is all "Flash" or "framed" we can design completely NEW mainly text doorway pages to ADD to your website.
IF you take this option just insert the title of your NEW page instead of its web address after the http:// in the text box above.

Next, tell us the phrase or phrases you are trying to win on the search engines. The more competitive the phrase the less phrases you should put here. Save them for other pages below. Separate with a comma, putting your most important phrase first:

Tips: Definitely no repeated keyword phrases. Put the thinking cap on of a researcher. Think about:

  • What you do and where you do it.

  • Misspelled words or American spelling.
    Eg: search engine optimisation,search,engine,seo,optimisation,optimization,submission,web marketing australia,

  • Word order. eg "computer sales perth" "perth computer sales"

  • Plurals  eg at "marketing manuals" is 1st however "marketing manual" is lost in Cyberspace because I haven't had time to build an optimised doorway page for that very competitive phrase yet.

1.2  eg

No more than several Strategic keyword phrases for this page:

1.3  eg

No more than several Strategic keyword phrases for this page:


No more than several Strategic keyword phrases for this page:


No more than several Strategic keyword phrases for this page:



Value: US$24 included.



4 Web Marketing sends your new, optimised web pages to your web hosting company or your web developer to upload.

If you prefer, 4 Web Marketing to upload your pages please complete this form, confidential ftp details must be EXACTLY correct.  If not correct you pay the $24 for every set-up & upload retry. If you want us to upload your new fixed pages enter your CORRECT confidential details here:

Username Case sensitive. Please double check.
Password Case sensitive. Please double check.
Your site address (ftp address, Not necessarily URL)
Case sensitive. Please double check.

Does your web hosting company (often your ISP) have " Microsoft's FrontPage Server Extensions" active for your account information detailed above ? Ask them. One third do.


If your profile has been submitted to Search Engines already, what was the approximate date of your last submission of your web page address to search engines ?


Valued at US$40 included with this plan

Submit your profile to THE major 46 Search Engines and country specific search engines; total of 1,600 Search Engines. (or if you prefer to over 700,000 search engines tick this boxbut expect some spam email such as "Your submission to FAA Search Engines has been successful and will be registered in a few days; would you now like to buy some Viagra?")

FAQ: How long does this NON-express (US$300) per Search Engine listing take?

Your Name
Organisation's billing Name and or purchase order number :
Your email address
Telephone number
Brief Message
What is your favourite search engine?




US$600 Cheque being half total investment > 3 days in advance to POB 334, Scarborough, Western Australia, 6922

SECURE US$400 credit card one third DEPOSIT payment Please come back to this form to complete details of your order

Bank draft or transfer to our Cook Islands or Australian bank account. (Email for account details)

US or Euro or Australian dollars cash, snail mailed to POB 334, Scarborough, Western Australia  6922

BarterCard voucher snail mailed to POB 334, Scarborough, Western Australia  6922



Interested in any other services ? We'll get back to you about these soon:


7 that's it - click below.



61 8 IDD prefix

Using keyword phrase "accommodation scarborough beach perth" the table below is an example of one of MANY tables in the Position Ranking, emailed to you about about your specified (below) web page and keyword phrase.

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position ranking chart table


61 8 IDD prefix

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