Digital Marketing Return On Investment ROI Report

ROI Reports

For people that use paid Internet advertising, especially pay per click (PPC) advertising, we offer three calculation reports that help you determine anticipated return you will get on your Internet advertising. They are:

Value Per Visitor Report

This helps you determine how much money each unique visitor to your website is worth. This knowledge will help you determine how much you might be willing to spend in online advertising opportunities. This also gives you some of the figures needed for the other calculators.

CPM ROI Report

Establish a budget for ‘Cost per impression’ advertising. Generally this is banner advertising that causes you to pay a fixed rate per 1,000 views of your ad.

CPC ROI Report

This report helps you establish a budget for ‘Cost per click’ advertising. Generally this is used in Pay per Click search engines that cause you to pay a certain amount for each time a user clicks through to your site.

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