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Pay For Submission Search Engines


Paid Submission Search engines (and directories) require payment in order to consider your website for a listing in their indexes. Some pay for submission search engines don't actually require the payment, as they still offer a free submission area of their websites, however, their process of accepting the free submissions is typically so slow and unreliable, that their paid service may be worthwhile. In fact, each of these engines guarantee very quick review and/or indexing of your site if you use their paid for search engine placement service.

Yahoo for example were asking US$300 for express submission of about 3 days to their directory otherwise they state it's a wait of about 90 days with Yahoo, so if your budget won't allow we suggest you do your
web development planning well in advance.

  • LookSmart claims to power the search directories of leading portals on the Web and more than 370 ISPs, including MSN, AltaVista, IWon, and Juno.
  • LookSmart claims to reach 77% of Internet users.
  • 200,000 categories help you precisely target potential customers.

It is also worth noting that many of these pay for placement search engines have agreements with other search engines, in which by being listed on one search engine, you will automatically be listed on many others.


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