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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing is a subset of Pay Per Click marketing. Any site can offer PPC marketing but when it is from a search engine, it is PPC marketing. Google's brand name for PPC marketing is "Adwords" and it terms PPC Cost Per Click (CPC).  Many companies offer SEM marketing management in Australia.

Where 4 Web Marketing has an edge with search engine marketing is that because we are SEO specialists, we create good "quality score" "landing pages" with the psychology of the sales funnel. Eg without to many exit links except a call to action link such as buy or complete a form.  We are happy to work with other Australian search engine marketing companies to develop good SEO'ed landing pages.

How Much Does Search Engine Marketing Cost?

4 Web Marketing's SEM management fees include a search engine marketing campaign set-up fee of $1,000 and only $300 per month management fee. In addition there is the fee, at cost price, price paid to the search engine. This depends on:

  1. How competitive the phrase is.

  2. Quality Score of your landing page

  3. What we, on your behalf, are prepared to bid. Eg you might decide that listing third in the advertising / pay per click area on page 2 of search engine results pages (SERPs) is a better way to make your search engine marketing budget to go further than to be the highest bidder for top position on page one.  After you contact 4 Web Marketing, we can provide you with a free report of what your competitors are currently paying per click to the Google search engine.

  4. Whether you want to include Google's affilate partners.

What are BENIFITS of Search Engine Marketing?

  1. Fast to implement.

  2. Less expensive to get on page one of search engines than SEO for short term events such as a weeken concert.

  3. Some phrases have very low bid rates, when there is little competition. Eg 9 cents per click.  If your cost of aquistion is high, PPC might be worthwhile for you especially for marketing high value goods or services in your area.

  4. Highly configurable filters. Eg by location, phrases, run time, language, etc.

  5. Good statistical reporting

  6. I believe better value that CPM

What are DISAVANTAGES of Search Engine Marketing?

  1. More expensive than SEO in the long run.

  2. Only 15% of internet users click on search engine paid ads. 85% go for "organic" search results.

  3. Competitors could click your SEM paid ad every day to burn up your SEM budget.

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If we can get top of competitive phrases in big places like Australia, then it's a push over to get you top of less competitive phrases such as "accommodation your suburb" or "furniture store your suburb"


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