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Firstly we are a web marketing company of which search engine optimisation is one of the activities we excel in. Search engine optimisation is a subset of web marketing. It is not web marketing.  With search engine optimisation we target phrases for clients to get them on page one of search engines. Unless you're the type that likes fixing your car engine instead of sending it to a mechanic, search engine optimisation is best out-sourced to professionals. Search engine optimisation delivers targeted traffic. ie Just the right consumers reading your sales information. Search engine optimisation experts even target miss-spelt words.  For example "accomodation perth" or "acommodation perth"  It's better to be a winner for a niche phrase than to suffer oblivion for a very competitive phrase. For example there are many search engine optimisation companies in the USA (or should I say "search engine optimization firms in the USA), so by targeting the Queen's English spelling of it we cut out all the US competition.  I had to laugh out loud (LOL) recently at an email from, I guess an arrogant American named "Mikey":

Spelling Mistake on this page,, big one too.
for an seo company to spell Optimization with an s,,, wrong,, lol

Combine this with a Perth client who told me his "Google Ad Word Campaign" was quickly restarted after one of Google's employees got a bollocking for taking the liberty of suspending the Ad Words Campaign because "licence" wasn't spelt "license" Duh :-)

A business coach asked why don't you target "search engine optimisation perth" I said many more people search 4 "web marketing" and there is a problem with the spelling of "search engine optimisation"

It's all good news. While some Americans wallow in their ignorant arrogance, the rest of the English speaking world quietly goes about their search engine optimisation business.

Perth Australia is our low cost web marketing base. Australians do search engine optimisation and "search engine optimization" better and cheaper than Americans. You're also covered by strict Australian consumer protection laws. 4 Web Marketing also provide written search engine optimization guaranties.

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If you don't have a website yet, see the free Directory of Perth Web Designers and read web development planning for building a good base for search engine optimisation in Perth later.

All 4 Web Marketing search engine optimisation clients get free listings in our popular directories for free kick off, of their link exchange programmes or for Americans "link exchange programs"

Americans need a registered Australian office.

Search Engine Optimisation Services Manager
194 The Esplanade
Scarborough (Perth)
Western Australia
Australia 6019

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