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Search Engine Submission US$40 Payment & Order

Whether you are selling goods or services directly, using the web to develop sales leads or promoting a worthy cause, effective site to search engine submission is a must!

Don't let your great website be lost in Cyberspace.  For only US$40, 4 Web Marketing will do a proper search engine submission of your profile within 24 hours, to over a
94,953 search engines.  This search engine submission service includes a free emailed Search Engine Submission Report showing Search Engines submission results.

Usually it is sufficient to submit one page and let search engines (SEs) spiders (crawler, robot) automatically find other pages at your site so usually we do a search engine submission of your home (index) page or your site map.

Defects in your page such as, no keywords in your title, are best fixed before search engine submission but not essential because once the search engines know about your site they'll up-date your ranking even after search engine submission. Page analysis provides inexpensive COMPREHENSIVE tips at optimising your web page. Alternatively we can optimise your web pages before search engine submission. That way you'll get FREE search engine submission with any of your Web Marketing Plans

Search Engine Submission Fee

Search engine submission services typically charge between US$50 and US$500.  4 Web Marketing's search engine submission fee is US$40 to submit your website profile to over 94,953 search engines.

How often is search engine submission needed?
If you only have one web page to promote, it is still a good idea to submit your site a couple of times a year to keep it fresh in engines. If your hosting company is unreliable - more frequently search engine submission is needed.  Why:  When search engine spiders turn up a 404 error "Page Not Found" they de-register your page from their index. Our competitors use search engine submission services as a con., hook to get monthly payments from you. In fact over submission is a nuisance to search engines and if you're caught breaking search engine submission rules, you'll be penalized. Our software has a database of search engine submission rules which we won't break so once we start leave if with the professional search engine submitters.

Does Automated Search Engine Submission save you time?

It would take countless hours for hand search engine submission to hundreds of search engines.   This is the value 4 Web Marketing sell.  You give 4 Web Marketing your information once and we do search engine submission to many search engines for you. A few moments later the search engine submissions are all done.

4 Web Marketing puts you in control
Suppose you want your site submitted to most of the listed engines, but not ALL of them ?  You can choose from the following types of search engines:

  • All 94,953  (This is 4 Web Marketing's default unless you advise otherwise) oronline bulk search engine submission service

  • The major 40 and

  • Country specific.  (Eg search engine submission Australia to WebWombat, Anzwers, etc.

  • Personal only

  • Commercial only

  • Multi Level Marketing only

  • Non-Adult only

  • Adult only

Our Constant Search Engine Updating
One day 4 Web Marketing might have over 94,953 engines in our database.  A week later we might remove 30 of them and add 40 new search engines.  Some of the other software out there just keeps adding and adding and adding...  regardless of whether or not the search engine site is down, so sometimes unprofessionals end up with a database packed with dead sites.

Statistics and History
4 Web Marketing's submissions giving you statistics and historical data; included FREE with every search engine submission.  Your emailed report includes:

  • Engine listing with results from your last submission. 

  • Full submission history on a per website basis and per engine basis.

  • Information available on engines.


Extensive Search Engine Submission Reporting Available

No other search engine submission service has anything remotely as extensive in terms of reporting.  Others will create a simple HTML list of your last submission, telling you where you submitted and when.  4 Web Marketing goes wild with reporting directly to your e-mail!  4 Web Marketing generates comprehensive, reports including:

  • profile history,

  • search engine submission history,

  • engine history and data,

  • last search engine submission,

  • ranking information 

Search Engine Submission Where Others Can't

4 Web Marketing has a live category checking feature that makes accurate category choices for complicated sites like Yahoo and Snap.This allows us to post to these sites with perfect, targeted accuracy.

Anti-Spam Rules Checking

If you want to spam engines and get banned, our search engine submission service is the wrong choice for you.  You may not like the fact that SEs will not let you submit whenever you want at first, but if you ever meet anyone that has been banned from a search engine, you will appreciate our rules checking filters.  They keep you from over-submitting and mis-submitting.  If an engine says you can only submit your website once a month to its index, our software will only permit search engine submission once a month.

4 Web Marketing's search engine submission software was designed to help people who are concerned with having a good image.  If your site profile is NOT ticked as "Adult" your site will not be submitted to adult content search engines.  Simply put, other search engine submission services can irresponsibly give you a bad image in this respect.

Some of  these 94,953 search engines will send email advertising (which you may consider spam) back to the email address submitted in the profile that 4 Web Marketing developed for you.  We recommend our search engine submission customers provide an email address other than their usual for this advertising (spam email) to come back to. eg your infrequently used Hotmail address so that your important email inbox is not filled with junk spam mail.

Reciprocal URL Generation

Our search engine submission software can automatically generate reciprocal URL pages that link to sites that require a link on your site in order for them to add your link to theirs.

Populate Feature
We set out to help you save time in every way possible.  That is why we even give you the ability to pull key information from existing websites or pages directly into your pages we have on disk.  4 Web Marketing can scan pages for descriptions, titles, keywords, so if your page is correct, don't worry about supplying your description and keywords in our search engine submission form. Our search engine submission software will pull it automatically from your page.

Engine Filtering
Our submission software has filters that accurately select which engines you want by

  • date,

  • new engines,

  • days since last submission, etc.

More Quality Sites
We are careful to make sure the sites work and are up and running every time we put out an engine update (every two weeks or so).  On average, for every 10 search sites we check out, we only add a couple to the search indexes.   Why?  Because so many of them are up for such a short amount of time, or are nothing more than a guest book.   For those that get through, whenever there is a removal request, we remove immediately.  When we see a site doesn't respond for a week, it gets yanked.

Search Engine Submission Problems

Search Engine Submission Problems

After secure online payment we ask the URL of the webpage you want submitted to search engines, your description, keywords etc, however we usually populate your profile for submission from the actual meta tags, live, from your page. We only use information via our online form if there is a problem with live, automatic profile population. Example Submission Problem: Your URL REDIRECTS to another web page such as an intro flash page with no meta data.

Understand that search engine submission is like putting your hand up letting the search engines know you exist. It does NOT mean search engines will give you top position unless your web pages have been optimised for search engine marketing. Search engine submission does help with your link popularity.

Search Engine Submission Payment Options
SECURE CARD PAYMENTonline search engine submission payment
After payment you'll be taken to our Search Engine Submission Form.


Australian Cheque to
Search Engine Submission Manager
4 Web Marketing
POB 334, Scarborough (Perth), Western Australia 6922
After posting your Aust$40 cheque go to
Search Engine Submission Form

The vast majority of web surfers (85%+) use search engines to find what they are looking for on the web.

When other sources of information are included, search engines are still more important than other sources

Search Engine Submission Staff help.
4 Web Marketing is a full-time search engine submission service company in Australia.  It means when there is a problem real people are there to answer your questions. Search Engine Submission Service Manager.

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Western Australia
Australia 6922


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