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Web marketing consulting helps novices understand not only basic web marketing strategies but also internet marketing strategies and options.  "4 Web Marketing" help you to choose the right web marketing plan for your business web site. "4 Web Marketing" also provide professional advanced web marketing consultations to web designers, copywriters and web developers.

Here is what 4 hours of web marketing consultation did for one of our hotel marketing client's site popularity:
seo marketing consultation
2021 Clients' Site Popularity Charts


A lawyer client phoned to say they'd uploaded a new design and that the page I'd SEO'd years ago had fallen off page one of Google. When I said my web marketing consultation rate is Aus$330 per hour, he said "what that much!!"  I said Raymond "how many of you clients have said the same to your $400 per hour rate and furthermore I make money for my clients"  He listened to my consultation over the phone for an hour and got back on page one of Google. We're not saying high level web marketing is worth the ROI for a small business selling a niche product in a small town but if you're turning over more than $100,000 per year, even a 50% increase that web marketing can easily bring is worth, by comparison, a small $330 marketing investment.

This page assists you to choose the right web marketing plan for your business. We offer simple Web Marketing Plans (see below) or if you prefer we will tailor-make and customise a Search Engine Marketing Plan for you after secure prepayment of US$100.

1  Understanding good website traffic - difference between hits and visitors, is needed.

2  Decide whether you are happy to choose one of our web marketing plans or direct personal web marketing consultation in promoting your business website.

3 Order your marketing plan so we can start bring traffic to your web site, or call our office 0418958799 to arrange your web marketing consulting appointment.

Internet Marketing Overview

The difference between hits and visitors

Webmasters and site owners tend to use different terminology in relation to statistics and it's important to be able to differentiate between the terms - especially if you are wanting to attract advertisers to your site. Savvy advertisers will want to know exactly what your traffic rates are, where it comes from, what your visitors come to your site for and how long they stay.

What is a hit or request? A hit is the result of a file being requested and served from your web site. This can be a web document, an image file, an audio track etc. Web pages that contain a large number of elements will return high hit scores. Dozens of hits (requests) can be generated by one visitor. Therefore Hits are of very little consequence when analysing your visitor demographics.

What is a unique visitor? In order to log onto the Internet, your computer must use a unique address or identifier. When you visit a web site, this unique address is counted as one unique visitor by the web site's tracking software.

The number of unique visitors (combined with page view data) is the statistic that's important, not hits. So no matter how many times a visitor refreshes or navigates through your web site, they will only be counted once for the specified time period. This is by far the more accurate way of analysing web site performance.

Plan or personal consultation from the Web Marketing Expert ?

Marketing plans (Directory listings, Linked banner ads, Pay per click) are good for bringing a certain level of traffic to your web site, much more than compared with other marketing media but only marginally increases your site's popularity. Web Traffic stops when you stop paying. However search engine marketing for web site traffic is the key to increasing site popularity for years.

Obviously the more you invest in web marketing the greater your site popularity. Your choice will be a level of web site traffic based on your marketing budget.

If you just don't know which plan is for you or you would like personal web marketing consultation from our Web Marketing Expert to help you decide, please call 61 (0)418958799 to book an appointment.

Get started on driving traffic and generating sales from your POPULAR business web site now !

Order the WEB MARKETING PLAN that suit's you

Site popularity increase Traffic increase Your investment
inc GST
Directory listings Minimal Depends on directory
3 - 300 new visitors per month
Approx.$100 p.a.
Depends on directory.
Linked Banner Ads Minimal Depends on site
10 - 400 new visitors per month
$660 p.a.
Pay per click Depends on the demand for your phrase and incentive you provide us

Your success is our motivation

400 - 4000 new visitors $400 minimum
Pay per Page View 12,000 unique visitors $770 + your bid per unique visitor to your new lead generation site.
Email Marketing Minimal 5000 emails sent to opt-in list $1,250+$150set-up
Silver Search Marketing Plan Top 2% of the world's most popular web sites

Our most popular service opted by our web marketing clients

20,000 + hits p.m.
3000 + unique visitors per month

Above: Order the web marketing plan or consultation which suits your goal and budget,

Time Line

Still not sure how to market your business web site?

A wise choice is to seek our professional web marketing consulting advice. One hour consultation is only US$100 and will include recommendations how to best market your site.

web marketing consulting

Internet Marketing Overview

If you have any further web marketing questions, please call our Perth head office to arrange an appointment in person or by phone.

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