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The 4 Web Marketing Guarantee

4 Web Marketing Guarantees..

....  significant increase in traffic using search engine marketing strategies for organic listings. We guarantee to AT LEAST triple the popularity of your site within at LEAST 6 months.  So long as your phrase is not too niche. For example "snow ski sales ayre's rock" is easy to position 1st on page one but since no one would look for that phrase it wouldn't help with your site popularity.  4 Web Marketing guarantee to get your site popularity within the WORLD's top 2% of most popular websites, as ranked by Alexa, within 6 months.  We do all we can to achieve high rankings if 4 Web Marketing do all the work, and no-one else interferes with your pages 4 Web Marketing have worked on by changing body text nor html nor using improper practises such as repeating keywords, nor breaking various Search engine submission rules. 4 Web Marketing will not guarantee Position 1 on Page 1 all the time on every search engine but it is most likely you'll get Page 1 on the major search engines. Anyone who unconditionally guarantees  position is either a major stock holder of a search engine or a fraudster.

If we cannot get you ranked in a good spot on MAJOR search engines, we offer your MONEY BACK, or if you prefer, keep trying until we get you ranked. You will stay ranked for at least six months depending on the competitiveness of your industry. We do not start counting the months until your phrases / site appear in at least a few major search engines. If you want us to keep trying, we do not start counting the months until we have you placed, subject to a review of your keywords and site.

Other conditions include:

  1. Your cooperation in getting a Google friendly Google+ business page profile.

  2. Ability to get to all areas of your pages including admin rights to headers and footers.

  3. No sabotage with things like a robots.txt file set to exclude Google indexing pages we SEO

  4. Your site has reliable web hosting and that Google is able to fetch all resources such as images on your page.

Web Marketing Guarantees Disclaimer:

  1. How competitive the phrase is. If it's got "perth" or "australia" or "mukinbuden" in the phrase, it's easy. Tell me the phrase is not something like "computer sales" against the likes of Dell, and I'll give a written guarantee.

  2. Search Engine Marketing Plan selected (level of investment) and how focused your phrase is. Don't expect success if you're wanting every word in the dictionary to get one of your pages on Page 1 of search results.

  3. If the client has already been placed in the "Black hole of CyberSpace by Spam Cops or manually penalised by Google itself. In this situation it might be better to start again with a new domain name / site.

  4. There are some important off page resources we don't have control over such as your important Google+ profile. We can advise how YOU can get the most of your Google+ profile but if YOU don't implement our recommendations or do things like sabotage your Google+ listing by doing silly things such as changing your address out of a popular city location to a not so popular, eg country town location, then we can't be held responsible for a decline in your site popularity. An option is to give us login to YOUR Google+ but that is not what Google wants and also might give us access to your other Google linked apps such as Gmail.

  5. Changing Search Engine algorithms

  6. If the page is one huge flash animation

  7. If your pages have problematic iFrames and you insist on leaving this Google detected problem then there's not much we can do to avoid this penalty.

  8. NON-SABOTAGE of website site. Example, site owners "playing" with amature search engine marketing of their own after our work. Poor advise from cheap so called "SEO experts" can offend search engines and plunge original average site popularity into oblivion.

  9. Insistence of some site owners to minimise text. Example: "Enter" only word on page.

  10. Link exchange program for COMPETITIVE phrases.  You may have decided to run your own link exchange program to save funds. Whether you or 4 Web Marketing does it, the important thing for COMPETITIVE phrases is that it is DONE to guarantee web marketing success.

If you need 10 minutes FREE website promotion 4 web marketing explanation, call Ben, Website Promotion Australia Web Marketing Australia on

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