Web Marketing Timeline

Web Marketing Timeline

Many web owners have experienced web development timeline frustrations because of over promises and under delivery. Unprofessional web marketers and web developers, have given the IT industry a bad name. 4 Web Marketing set-out, in writing our web marketing timeline and web marketing guarantee:

Pay-per-click marketing timeline
PPC marketing starts as soon as you send a signed credit application form. No set-up fee. You only pay quarterly for UNIQUE CLICKS.  The more you bid the more incentive you give us to drive traffic to your site. For example we can buy media space such as banner ads on Map Australia if your business is in Australia

Search Engine Marketing Timeline

marketing timeline Possible up-to two weeks before we start, while we near the end of the web marketing timeline for existing pre-paid clients.
web marketing time line  


Day One:
Web Marketing timeline starts as soon as your payment is received and your selection of a Web Marketing Plan Form is completed.


Day One:
The Good Keywords Report   It is included in most Web Marketing Plans.


Day one:
We start consultations and brainstorming phrases for your site to target using the Good Keywords Report software which is included in most Web Marketing Plans.


Day one:
Sending your proof of ownership and access details of your new domain name - As soon as I receive, via phone for half an hours brain storming with my interactive feedback or by completion of my Good Keywords Report Form.


Arrange hosting of your doorway site if you have an existing problematic site (eg "dynamic" CMS) and domain name set-up - few days


Tweaking web pages - uploading them - submission to search engines - linking to your pages from our popular sites - One Week.


Waiting for listing on search engines, SEVERAL WEEKS, depending on which search engines.


Search Engine Position Ranking Report, 3 months after submission to search engines.


Free tweaking of pages if your primary keyword phrase for each page is not doing well.





If you invest in 4 Web Marketing's optional Link Exchange Programme:
  1. As soon as we receive your investment we set-up your profile and submit it to the exchange. This can start before or after work above.
  2. After 2 months we quality control check on sites requesting link exchanges with your site.  We then send you a new links page to upload to your web.
  3. We up-date link exchange pages every month until you have the number of QUALITY links to your site you've paid for. On average the link exchange programme takes about 6 MONTHS depending on how selective you are at filtering out link requests from undesirable sites.

Web Marketing Timeline SUMMARY

PPC immediately starts sending visitors to your sales information.

Search engine marketing timeline takes about 3 months without express submissions to search engines and approximately 6 months for the link exchange programme

Web Marketing Timeline Conclusion

If you want success in time for your event/launch in more than one search engine, plan ahead. Alternatively:

  •  For one search engine pay approximately US$300 express submission (does not mean POSITION)  or
  • Go for PPC marketing which means you're depending on the popularity of other sites to drive traffic to your site.


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top web marketing timeline
Top Web Marketing Timeline