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Site Map Summary: Setting Up Websites for Web Marketing Strategies

Listed Step by step web stragegy for SEO success

    1. THE FIRST STEP in web strategies is to research what phrases customers are searching for. Batch similar phrases. Eg might be a thing or place. Prioritise groups of phrases. The most important group will be assigned to your home page. Prioratise phrases within a group of phrases. The most important phrase of your most important group is known as your "trophy phrase"  Select your target phrases which pertain to your business carefully. Think of the future. Consider what's "nice". Eg a mechanic might have a bigger profit for his time being a grease monkey but laying on a beach while selling ebooks online about fixing cars might be nicer and in the future might even be more profitable.

    2. Protect your IP. Only YOU should be the owner. Not your manager nor your spouse. Some people get divorced. Yea who owns the IP, holds the whip hand of the business.
      1. Buy keyword rich domain names starting with names which match your trophy phrase.
      2. File trade mark applications to protect your brand marketing.

    3. Share keywords research with your:
      1. Web developer / designer
      2. Copywriter
      3. Content marketer, link builder, article submission person (often forum spammer)
      4. Marketing agency

  2. WEB DEVELOPMENT.  Employ our or your web developer to build landing pages for each batch of phrases. Hire a sales funnel expert like Dr Lance Chambers JP. He understands the psychology of buyers, what motivates them, where their eyes move across a page, where your phone number and contact form etc should be on a web page. Ensure pages don't take too long to load. Check for html errors.

  3. WEB HOSTING:  Price is not the important consideration. Up-time reliability is. So too is customer support. Eg Can you phone / get through to your web hosting service provider 24/7?  Is their data centre at least in the same country as your target market or if you're targeting the world has the web hosting service provider got data centres on each continent? Has the WHSP got multiple backups in case the server hosting your site falls over. If you have a CMS type site like WordPress or Joomla, does your WHSP make it easy? We can setup good web hosting for you @ $9 per month including SSL.

  4. Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. Our specialty. Investment in good, professional, on page SEO is recommended for promotion via "organic" (not paid) search results for on going marketing of lucrative, competitive phrases. High level SEO is not recommended for short term events. Cost of good SEO is prohibitive for phrases which do not return a good profit. Examples: It's a waste to spend thousands of dollars in SEO for promotion of a weekend rock concert, or icecream sales at a small convenience store in a small town.

  5. PAY PER CLICK marketing is suited to short term events such as a weekend rock concert, short political marketing campaign, etc. You can either manage PPC marketing or hire a PPC campaign manager who is either a "media buyer" or who managed media buyers.

  6. SOCIAL MARKETING. Promotes CURRENT people, places, events, videos, photos, things, etc. If you don't have time, hire a social marketing company.

  7. VIDEO MARKETING is an effect marketing method. Once production is finished, if it is interesting your video with good marketing can be discovered:
    1. By sharing on social media sites
    2. Embedding on your and other popular web pages
    3. SEO on search engines which specialise in videos. YouTube is the world's third most popular site and the world's second most popular search engine. If your video is not ranking well for it's trophy phrase, give us a phone call. Don't forget to create a link from your video page to a page on your site.

    1. Registering your businesses with Google Places for Business, is essential for discovery of your organisation on Google Maps. Google will verify by sending an SMS to your phone or a postcard to your postal address. A verified listing (denoted by a tick in a shield next to your Google+ account profile photo) also shows on:
    2. Google+ Local which is another conduit for discovery and review marketing.
    3. Google's Google maps (as different from your Google map/s)
    4. Creation of you own Google Map (your layer of THE Google map engine) help with spatial organisation. Your Google maps if SEOed also perform in the Google search engine. You can even buy a domain name and point it at your layer of Google maps. Eg our www.mapgoogle.org has had over one hundred thousand views. It is one of many of our popular maps and forms part of our "map marketing" strategy.


Start web strategy with keyword research. Batch simailar phrases. Build pages for those phrases. The main thing is FOCUS.

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