Video on Page One of Youtube?

How to get lots of video views

  1. Creative, interesting video production. Eg with talented directors, use of drones and or 360° VR Videos. (In Perth Australia we produce VR videos at the low cost price of $90)
  2. SEO of videos on Youtube. Do keyword research before creating video titles and video descriptions.
  3. Embed interesting videos on your and other's popular web pages.
  4. Add videos to open, free, popular social media communities, forums, bloggs.
    Eg: Google+ Travel Videos
  5. Have your video show up in Google search engine result pages (SERP).
  6. Add your videos to your layer of Google Maps. Eg: Travel Video Map

Video marketing Perth WAProducing a promotional video without enough of the right people seeing it is like producing a film and storing it in a circular metal can without broadcasting it from a TV station or screening in cinemas. Digital video promotion is a lot cheaper than TV advertising and more importantly it's seen by the right audiance. Ie people searching for what your video is about or their friend (peer to peer marketing) recommending your video directly of via social marketing.


  1. You've heard "a picture tells a thousand words", well, a video tells a million. Video marketing get's understanding of your message out with clarity.
  2. An interesting video embedded on your webpage, holds people longer on your web page. Google knows time spent on a web page. This sends a message to Google that your page is interesting and therefore worthwhile (gains page authority). That in turn pushes your page up Google's SERP.
  3. Link building. All your videos should have a link to your site/s and your other videos.
  4. If you monetize your video on YouTube, you'll be paid per view.
  5. Self-qualified viewers. Eg someone searching for a video about "web marketing" isn't looking for football scores, sexy videos nor weather forecasts. They're ready to put their hand in their wallet to buy web marketing.
  6. Online videos are part of social marketing. Eg Comments under Youtube videos show up in Google+
  7. Videos are quick and easy to embed on web pages and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+


Choose a video marketing company which:

  1. Has prooven video marketing sucesses.  Eg our old Youtube channel has had a million views.
  2. Clearly states upfront and ongoing costs of video production and or video marketing.
  3. Offers cheap pay per view rates on popular web pages.

Video Marketing Australia


The business of video marketing companies are:


We're based in Perth Western Australia but invest in travel costs and we'll produce a 360° VR video for you under $100.


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